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How to Select the Best Carpeting for Your Home

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The Quick Way to Install Carpeting

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asbestos exposure during carpet removal or recycling

For example: É Tell those who plan to sweep the area or haul away removed carpeting that there is, or may be, asbestos contamination so they can take proper precautions. É Make sure contaminated carpet rolls and other asbestos waste materials are properly labeled so crews can handle them ...

Carpet Tile Specifications

Random Testing The Owner's representative reserves the right to take random samples from production runs and/or from delivered carpeting for testing by an independent testing laboratory for abrasion resistance, soiling, crushing, breaking strength, distortion, elongation's loop strength, and color ...

Carpet Adhesive Analysis

Kyllo Hanson Smith Carpet Adhesives Analysis Page 5 of 85 to do carpeting, Professor Jackson asked us if we would switch to carpet adhesives. Being the wonderful, kind and polite boys that we are, we decided to accept this new challenge.

...A Contemporary Approach to Maintaining Today's Carpeting

A Contemporary Approach to Maintaining Today's Carpeting Soft, warm and inviting...the atmosphere carpeting creates is why 95 percent of American househ olds install carpeting.

New Antimicrobial Treatment for Carpet Applications

Carpeting constitutes a major environmental surface for both residential and commercial establishments. One implication is that the dyeing and finishing industries are constantly challenged to provide carpeting with desired and needed functional and aesthetic features.

Interior Complex Carpet Policy

Interior Complex Subject: Purchase, Installation, and Disposal of Carpeting Division of Facilities Management Services Administrative Guideline 101 Ver. 1.0, August 8, 2002 This Guideline applies to the installation of carpeting in the Main and South Interior Buildings (Interior Complex).

Cleaning Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs

Adapted by UF/IFAS from: Disaster Handbook for Extension Agents (Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service) Cleaning Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs When to Discard, Clean, or Call a Professional When faced with flood-damaged carpeting and rugs, your options will depend on the source of flooding.

Carpet Fact Sheet copy

Carpeting and Children's Health: How Flooring Decisions Can Affect Your Home's Indoor Air Quality Carpet Fact Sheet copy