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Caterpillar Control of Greenhouse Vegetables

16. Caterpillar Control of Greenhouse Vegetables (HortReport, March 2003) One of the most popular and effective controls for caterpillars is the egg parasitoid, Trichogramma.

Caterpillar Hunt

Caterpillar Hunt Go on a caterpillar hunt! Caterpillars can often be found on plants they like to eat. Look carefully on the leaves, stems, flowers, or twigs for caterpillars.


Buck moth caterpillar Io moth Caterpillar Puss moth caterpillar ENTFACT-003 STINGING CATERPILLARS Ric Bessin, Extension Entomologist Most people know that bees, wasps, hornets and some ants can sting to defend themselves or their nests.


Caterpillars are occasionally (five instances out of 63 caterpillars) attacked by a parasitoid wasp, Apan-teles sp. (Braconidae). One caterpillar produced a parasitoid wasp in the family Chalcididae: Bra-chymeria hammari (Crawford).

Orange Dog Caterpillar

It is recommended that caterpillars be hand picked from these small plants so that leaf production and fruit yield are not drastically reduced • Young citrus trees grown in the landscape can become infested with numerous orange dog caterpillars on occasions, especially in instances where there is a ...


Caterpillars in Your Yard and Garden 23 For further information Capinera, J. L. 2001. Handbook of Vegetable Pests. Academic Press, San Diego, California.

How to Raise Caterpillars:

How to Raise Caterpillars: To find caterpillars, you must first look in the right places. Different types of caterpillars are found on different plants.

Nettle Caterpillar NPA MASTER

Feeding by the caterpillars (Figure 1) results in heavily damaged leaves. Fecal pellets on the leaves are indications that the caterpillar is

earth-wise guide to

earth-wise guide to Caterpillars butterfly larva: Tomato Horn Worm Tent Caterpillar Genista Monarch Swallowtail Gulf Fritillary Spring Cankerworm pest caterpillars www.growgreen.org Least Toxic Solutions •*Monitor*infestations*of*very*young* caterpillars *to*see*if*natural*controls* like ...

Chapter 22 - Stinging Caterpillars

942 PEST OVERVIEW CLASS - Insecta ORDER - Lepidoptera FAMILIES - Mainly Limacodidae, Megalopygidae and Saturniidae and a few Nymphalidae, Anthelidae, Lasio-campideae, Bombycidae, Noctuiidae, Notodontidae, Eypterotidae, Lymantriidoe and Arctiidae (tiger moths) METAMORPHOSIS - Complete DESCRIPTION ...