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Information for patients on managing PICC, SICC, and JCC ...

Patient Education Managing Your Non-Tunneled 1 (Percutaneous) Catheter: PICC, SICC, and JCC Managing Your Non-Tunneled (Percutaneous) Catheter: PICC, SICC, and JCC The staff of the Procedure, Vascular Access, Conscious Sedation Service has written this information to explain your new PICC ...

Caring for Your Tenckhoff®Catheter

Caring for Your Tenckhoff® Catheter [ 1of 8 ] Caring for Your Tenckhoff ® Catheter Ellen Hollywood, RN Natasha Ramrup, RN Piera M. Coté Robson, RN Introduction You will have a Tenckhoff ® catheter to drain fluid from your abdomen.

Managing Your Tunneled Catheter

Managing Your Tunneled Catheter: Hickman, Neostar, Broviac, Leonard . This information was prepared by the staff of the Procedures, Vascular Access,

Caring for Your Biliary Drainage Catheter

Caring for Your Biliary Drainage Catheter [ 1of 11 ] Caring for Your Biliary Drainage Catheter Piera M. Cote Robson, RN, BSN Introduction You will have a biliary drainage catheter to relieve a blockage.

Catheter Angiography What is Catheter Angiography?

detect atherosclerotic disease that has narrowed the arteries to the legs and help prepare for endovascular intervention or surgery. detect disease in the arteries to the kidneys or visualize blood flow to help prepare for a kidney transplant. guide interventional radiologists and surgeons ...

What is a Suprapubic Catheter?

DEFINITION: Suprapubic - means the area just above your pubic bone, above the level of your pubic hair. Catheter - means a hollow tube inserted into your bladder to drain away urine.

InstructionsforUse - PleurX Cat. 50-7000B

PleurX ® Pleural Catheter Kit Cat. 50-7000B CareFusion McGaw Park, IL 60085 USA 361-24501 • 2010-04 U.S. Patent No. 5,484,401 For product inquiries or technical assistance

Peripheral I. V. Catheters

V. CATHETER FALLS OUT ** Dressing not securing I. V. catheter correctly. ** Apply gauze to site and tape in place. ** Call your nurse to arrange for a new catheter. ...

Home Care of a Foley Catheter

Home Care of a Foley Catheter Management of Drainage Bags You will probably be given two drainage bags to take home with you -a large, overnight drainage bag, and a smaller leg bag which fits underneath your clothing.

FAQ's about Catheter-Associated UTI

FAQs (frequently asked questions) "Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection" about What is "catheter-associated urinary tract infection"? A urinary tract infection (also called "UTI") is an infection in the urinary system, which includes the bladder (which stores the urine) and the kidneys ...