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Cavitation - - A Largely Misunderstood Phenomenon

Pump ED 101 Cavitation - - A Largely Misunderstood Phenomenon Joe Evans, Ph.D http://www.pumped101.com The vapor bubbles that form in a pot of boiling water will eventually rise to the surface and burst.


KINDS OF CAVITATION Here we see a hydrofoil exhibiting partial cavitation. A hydrofoil is a "lifting" surface. It is like an airplane wing in that it provides lift when a fluid flows past it.

Cavitation in Valves

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Cavitation Guide (Page 1)

The dark shaded portion of the chart illustrates the region where cavitation damage may occur. The lighter shaded portion is where significant cavitation noise and vibration may occur.

Cavitation in Ultrasonic Cleaning and Cell Disruption

14 February 2009 Controlled Environments www.cemag.us Cavitation in Ultrasonic Cleaning and Cell Disruption It is important to quantify the cavitation energy in

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1 DEVELOPED CAVITATION- CAVITY DYNAMICS David R. Stinebring Michael L. Billet Jules W. Lindau Robert F. Kunz Applied Research Laboratory P.O. Box 30

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation - a common problem in pumps and control valves - causing serious wear and tear and damage. Under the wrong condition, cavitation will reduce the components life time dramatically.

Noise. Vibration. Cavitation. Prevention.

1 Noise. Vibration. Cavitation. Prevention. By Cla-Val Technical Products Department claval@cla-val.com • 949.722.4987 The telltale signs of cavitation In water distribution systems where high pressure differentials and high flow rates are present, valves, piping and equipment really take a ...

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Cavitation is a concern for plant operators and maintenance personnel because it can reduce plant availability and profitability. Cavitation not only decreases flow capability

Cavitation in Control Valves

Introduction Cavitation has been a familiar phenomenon fora longtime particularly in shipping. In 1917, the British physicist Lord Rayleighwasasked to investig ate what caused fast-rotating ship propellers to erode so quickly.