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Operating Manual CCD Camera Models ST-7E, ST-8E, ST-9E, ST ...

CCDOPS Software Follow the instructions below to run the CCDOPS software and display and process sample images included on the distribution diskette.

Operating the CCD Camera

ccdops.dvi ... Camera 1995 Edition Incorporates 'ccd'software for disk storage This eliminates problems with 'cc200'software 1 Setting Up Very little setup is required ...

Image Processing Tutorial Basic Concepts

CCDStack Basic Image Processing Tutorial Page 2 of 55 Table of Contents Introduction..... 3 Starting CCDStack ...

SBIG ST402 Astro-Camera

CCDOPS Focus Mode If you're familiar with webcams, you'll find focusing is very different (and challenging) because there's no live image. Instead, CCDOPS has a focus mode which take a series of successive images instead of having a live video window.

How to Use an Astronomical CCD Camera

Using the Santa Barbara CCD cameras: Start ccdops Camera > Establish Comm Link If this does not work, you will probably need to tell the computer how you are planning to communicate with the camera: MISC > Graphics/Comm Setup Set to Parallel and LPT1 Camera > Setup Temperature regulation : off (no ...

SBIG Roadmap for 2004

CCDOps has enhanced filtering routines in the Smooth , Sharpen , Column/Row Repair , Kill Warm Pixels and Remove Cool Pixels commands from the Filter subm enu of the Utility menu.

SBIG CCD Cameras: Users Guide

CCDOps 22 Set Up CCDOps Communications Setup Once you have made the physical connections to your camera, the next step is to set up communication between CCDOps and the camera.

CFW-8A Color Filter Wheel Manual

If you have an older version of CCDOPS that does not show the CFW-8A you can still use the CFW-8A by first erasing the FILTER.CFG file in the CCDOPS directory (the software will create a new one for you) then select the CFW-6A type filter wheel in the Setup command.

Eth to Parallel Manual

Note: If you can't run the autorun.exe program or want to manually install the software run the installers from the CCDOps and Driver Checker folders of the CD-Rom and don't forget to click the Update button in the Driver Checker to install the drivers .

KestrelSpec for Windows

If KestrelSpec will be used with an SBIG camera, install the CCDOps program from SBIG. 4. If KestrelSpec will be used with an Apogee camera, install any required camera drivers 5.