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Congo currently maintains 23 CDTs and 127 CDOTs, which also function as integrated health centres for other diseases. Survey method The survey sample consisted of 18 randomly selected CDTs and CDOTs in the regions of Brazzaville (10), Pointe Noire (6), and Dolisie (1), and in the city of Gamboma (1).

Typesetting with TeX / LaTeX- Part IV

Equation Groups without Alignment gather environment to group consecutive equations without alignment \begin{gather} f (x) =\exp (ix) +i\\ \begin{split} g(x) =&\sin(x) +\\&i\cos(x) \\ \end{split}\\ h (x) =1+2+3+4+5+6+\cdots+x \end{gather} f (x) =exp(ix) +i (6) g (x) =sin(x)+ icos(x) (7) h (x) =1+2+3+4+5+6+···+x ...


In estimating the population mean of the objective variable $y$ using the regression estimator with auxiliary variables $x_{1},$ $x_{2},$ $\cdots,$ $x_{p}$ , this paper shows thatthe variance of regression estimator can be minimized by suitable selection of auxiliary variables.


Äk, $\cdots\\cdots$ \end{proof} y. y3·‚5 y²þ¡*½n. Äk, [y. ] g½Â½na‚¸‚ªÞ~ \newtheoremstyle{mystyle} {3pt}%Space above {3pt}%Space below {\kai}%Body font {2em}%Indent amount (empty=no indent, \parindent=para indent) {\hei}%Thmheadfont {} %Punctuation afterthmhead {.5em}%Space afterthmhead ...

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A quick exampl e \begin{dmath*} f(x) =\sum_{k=0}^{\infty} \frac{f^{(k)}(c) }{k!}(x-c)^{k} =f(c)+f'(c)(x-c) +\frac{f''(c)}{2!}(x-c)^{2} +\frac{f^{(3)}(c) }{3!}(x-c)^{3}+\cdots \end{dmath*} f (x) = ¥ Â k=0 f (k) (c) k!


The $n$ vector elds $t,$ $n_{1},$ $\cdots,$ $n_{n-1}$ along $C$ satisfy the Frenet equations with positive curvature functions $k_{1},$ $\cdots,$ $k_{n-2}$ of $C$ and positive or negative curvature function $k_{n-1}$ of 2000 Mathematics Subject Classi cation: 53A04 Key wordsand phrases: special ...

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"Ifwe have a bad storm come in it takes 24 hours to keep the highways open. "Standing inside CDOTs heavy maintenance shop in Alamosa, it's hard to realize old man winter is doing a number way below zero on the other side ofthe huge bay doors.

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Znanaena£baje$$(1+2+3+4+5+\cdots+n) (1+2+3+4+5+\cdots+n)= \frac{(n+1)^2n^2}{4}.$$ DVI Znanaena£baje (1+2+3+···+n)(1+2+3+ ···+n) = (n+1) 2 n 2 4.

LaTeX Style Guide for the Journal of Integer Sequences - 1 ...

4.11 Proper use of \ldotsand \cdots Be sure to use \ldotsand \cdotsproperly. The rule is as follows: you should use \ldotsif the center of mass of the items on either side is below the middle of the line — for example,

Cyclodextrin-ionic liquid polyurethanes for application in ...

To prepare the CD-IL derivatives, an alkyl imidazole (10 molar equiv.) was added drop-wise to a stirred solution of either b-CDI or b-CDOTs (0.88mmol) dissolved in anhydrous DMF (40 mℓ).