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Industrial Crops and Products

Cedar leaf (i.e., needle) samples, including both old and new foliage, were collected in Woodford County, IL, from several individual male trees in March 2006, ...

Cedar Rapids Fire Department

Cedar Rapids Fire Department Annual Report Honorable Mayor Ron J. Corbett, Members of the City Council, and City Manager Jeffrey A. Pomeranz: The Cedar Rapids Fire Department is pleased to present the 2010 Annual Report.

Myra Finkelstein

Myra Finkelstein Bio: Myra Finkelstein received a B. S. in Zoology from the University of California, Davis in 1990 and for the subsequent seven years worked with various non-profit organizations on marine conservation issues.

Growing Redcedar in Florida

Circular 183A July 1990 Growing Redcedar in Florida Roger S Webb 1 Introduction Two species of redcedar grow naturally in Florida. Eastern redcedar ( Juniperus virginiana) occurs throughout the eastern Untied States and is one of the most widely distributed conifers east of the Mississippi River.

Cedar Tree Foundation - Environmental Practices in our Work Place

Cedar Tree Foundation - Environmental Practices in our Work Place last updated - August 2011 Because the Cedar Tree Foundation supports and promotes environmental protection and health, we strive to implement best possible environmental practices in our work place.

Eastern Red-cedar: Positives, Negatives and Management ...

Introduction Eastern red-cedar (Juniperus vir giniana) is a native evergreen tree. This now very common tree was once limited to rocky bluffs, deep


RICHMOND CEDAR WORKS MFG. CORP. 8. Do not use outdoors. 9. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter or touch hot surfaces SAVE THESE lNSTi3lJCTlONS READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING TO MAKE ICE CREAM.

Homeowner's Guide

How to Maintain Your Cedar Home, Cedar Deck and Cedar Roof