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Centrifuges, Sedimenting

f fluid g gravity i interface in inner h heavy liquid l light liquid N nozzle out outer, outlet p particle theortheoretical 1 inner 2 outer 1. Introduction Sedimenting centrifuges are used for the se-parationoftwoor three phases: liquid-liquid, liquid-solid and liquid -liquid-solid.

Alfa Laval - decanter centrifuge technology

Separating solids from liquids plays a key role in countless industrial processes. Decanter centrifuges from Alfa Laval perform this crucial function exceptionally well.

Alfa Laval - disc stack centrifuge technology

Kinds of equipment normally used for solids separation separation. Decanter centrifuges are generally used for greater solids concentrations with larger particle sizes.

Centramax Centrifuge and Centrapac System

2 The Centramax™ centrifuge control panel provides total process control through a concise, easy-to-operate touch screen. 2 Total Process Control The Centramax™ centrifuge design is the

Laboratory Safety Centrifuges

Q uick F a cts Laboratory Safety Centrifuges continued from page 1 Occupational Safety and Health Administration www.osha.gov 1-800-321-6742 For assistance, contact us.

The UK's Leading Independent Centrifuge Specialist

Safety Information Posters The UK's Leading Independent Centrifuge Specialist | New Centrifuges | Reconditioned Centrifuges | Preventive Maintenance | Workshop Repairs | The size of the rotor and operational speed (RPM) determines the RCF (xg).

The gas centrifuge and nuclear weapons proliferation

Centrifuges have been fabricated from a variety of mater ials, with varying lengths, diameters, and operating speeds. Figure 1b shows the relative lengths of a number of centrifuges.

HEINKEL - proud partner of the centrifugal force since 1971

Therefore HEINKEL centrifuges have been designed to accommodate easy cleaning and inspection. The advantages of these centrifuges are: - Wide range of applications - Highest CCMP standard - Fully automated and validated CIP-Cleaning - Inspect ability of all parts in product area - Clean Room Design ...

P2 decanter centrifuge range

Application Alfa Laval P2 decanter centrifuges are designed for slurries that are often extremely errosive and aggressive. The P2 range provides the most cost-effective, high-performance solution combined with the lowest power consumption and life cycle costs available.

Three-Phase Centrifuge Technology for Minimizing Petroleum Waste

Past attempts to separate such mixtures have been made using two-phase centrifuges, with the idea that multiple two-phase separations would be needed to achieve the desired three-phase separation.