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Chapattis or Indian Flat Bread

Chapattis or Indian Flat Bread Chapattis are similar to tortillas, but made with no baking powder. They are easy to make and keep well if stored in an air-tight container.

Effect of Roller Mill Extraction Rate on the Chapatti-Making ...

The primary reasons for a fair rating were attributable to either a too white and nonwheaty taste for the low extraction flours or, in the case of the 95% extraction material, dark chapattis with a slightly off flavor.

Sensory analysis of whole wheat mineral fortified unleavened ...

Sensory Characteristics of Whole Wheat Mineral Fortified Chapattis Sensory analysis of whole wheat mineral fortified unleavened bread

Introduction to Food Science

Introduction to Food Science Civilised man does not eat all the food as it is available in nature. He cuts, crushes, cools, processes and modifies in many ways before consuming, adding variety to the diet.

Chapter 5 SUMMARY

The chapattis and breads, prepared from composite flours stored for 0, 30 and 60 days were, subjected to sensory evaluation. The chapattis and breads found acceptable were analyzed for dietary fiber, essential amino acids and fatty acids contents.

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Making good quality chapattis requires much practice and is difficult to master. Mexican whole wheat or corn tortillas come very close to chapattis and are a good substitute.


Preparation and consumption of chapattis containing flax gum The gum was incorporated into chapattis made up of wheat flour (wheat flour bags were purchased from a local market and marked safe by Indian standardization organization for food qualities).

Zhe Jiang University The Assessment of Post Doc. Scholar The ...

Code: Z091092001 Zhe Jiang University The Assessment of Post Doc. Scholar The name of scholar SAID WAHAB The name of tutor PROFESSOR DR XINGQIAN YE Address and code DEPT FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION, COLLEGE OF BIOSYSTEM ENGINEERING AND FOOD SCIENCE , ZJU Tel ...

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Mince and chick-pea curry (Channa-Keema) Boiled Rice Salad Natural yoghurt Lentil daal (massar) Potato and mixed vegetable curry 2 small chapattis


Chapattis made from the lower levels of cassava were more acceptable than those made from flour with higher levels (>50%) of cassava. There was no significant (P>0.05) difference between the aroma of chapattis made