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House and Senate Chaplains: An Overview - Ida A. Brudnick ...

At the beginning of each Congress, the House chaplain is elected to a two-year term. 1 The Senate chaplain, like other officers of the Senate, does not have to be reelected at the beginning of a new

the Work of. the .Chaplain

I fillicia11y Adopted by the Am .. Ptot..estant H09P,;+~ 1 A encal1 '.B' _Lal. BSll. at th. OBton Conven~ion c_ te be Q v. ~p m r 194(}. Standards for the Work of. the .Chaplain in the General Hospital REV.


C HAPLAIN Never create with law what can be accomplished through morality. The fraternity is one of the most skillfully devised institutions among men, where a boy disorganized is brought into an institution of kindred spirits who believe in him and thereby help him to find himself.

Benjamin Franklin, June 28, 1787

Philadelphia, as the official chaplain of the House of Representatives. Each succeeding Congress has named a Chaplain, except between the years


All LDS applicants must be married in the Temple and remain Temple worthy while serving as a chaplain. • Mission. It is desirable that all chaplain applicants serve a mission, ...


Exceptions may be made by the MSG Chaplain. b. Weekend funerals must be approved by the MSG Chaplain or Assistant MSG Chaplain. c. Notify the Mortuary Affairs/Casualty Section ...

Southern Baptist - Training

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Chaplain Training Manual December 2007 North American Mission Board, SBC

National Chaplains Association National Chaplains Institute ...

National Chaplains Association National Chaplains Institute Become a Certified Christian Chaplain

Value of an HCMA Chaplain

Copyright © HCMA, 2007 1 Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association Value of an HCMA Chaplain The professional pastoral/spiritual care services of an HCMA Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) or Certified Clinical Chaplain (CCC) provide several distinct benefits to a healthcare facility.

Mission Chaplain Home Study Course

MISSION CHAPLAIN COURSE 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAKING THE MISSION CHAPLAIN HOME STUDY COURSE Welcome to the Mission Chaplain Course, intended to prepare you for meeting the requirements for ...