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ORDERFORM AmountNeeded ForEachItem PlayMoney CoinPoints CheckorMoney Description Qty OrderAmount Total 500Coins A. Boyer$1.00RebateCheck 1,500CoinsOR Check/M.O.-$3.95

NSP2 Housing Application

Certified CheckorMoney Order in the amount of$35 made payable to "Lighthouse ofOakland County." We DO NOT exceptpersonal checks orcash. NON­ REFUNDABLE.

InternalWarforAmerica’sFuture TheHost&theParasite

ablefromAFP’sFIRSTAMENDMENTBOOKS.Sendcash,checkormoney ordertoAFP,645PennsylvaniaAvenueSE,#100,Washington,D.C.20003. Forfasterordering,callAFPtollfreeat1-888699 ...

In the Matter of Kerry Brown Caughran

W. Nordquist in the amount ofThree Thousand ($3,000.00) Dollars by cashiers checkormoney order made payable to David W. Nordquist and delivered by certified mail, return ...

Inetnon Rihestrasion Inheneron Pruf~sionat, Atketekto

a) Application feeof$75.00 checkormoney orderpayableto the“Treasurer of Guam”. ~-It is mandatory that you provide all information requested.

Your Exclusive Member Services.

Checkormoney orderenclosed, payable to AARP. Do not send cash. _____ Daytime Phone Number(in case we need to contact you)


CheckorMoney Orderin USfunds onlyplease. New Jerseyresidents add7%sales tax. Canadaadd$1.00 shipping, foreign ALL3FOR ordersaddS3.00. CoupesareNotforChickens!