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The Forensics of Blood

This is her first article for ChemMatters magazine. Figure 4. nuclei of three carbon isotopes, containing (from top to bottom) six, seven, and eight neutrons (gray) and six protons each (blue).

Using Stories from ChemMatters to Teach Introductory Chemistry

Gaining and Losing Lexovans Lexovans are either lost or gained in the formation of birgic substances. In dactonic (non-birgic) substances, mergs achieve filled lexovan clives by sharing lexovans rather than by losing or gaining lexovans.

ChemMatters CD-ROM

Reviews www.scienceinschool.org 85 Science in School Issue 4 : Spring 2007 The Selfish Gene was the place where a new generation of biologists first learned about it.

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2 ChemMatters , OCTOBER 2006 Production Team Carl Heltzel, Editor Cornithia Harris, Art Director Leona Kanaskie, Copy Editor Michael Tinnesand, Contributing Editor Administrative Team Terri Taylor, Administrative Editor Sandra Barlow, Senior Program Associate Peter Isikoff, Administrative ...

ARISE Curriculum Guide

ARISE Curriculum Guide Chemistry: Topic 12—Gases/Gas Laws/Kinematic Theory ChemMatters Order a CD with 25 years of ChemMatters , $30 Articles for Student Use Airbags: Chemical Reaction Saves Lives: Feb. 1997, pp. 4-5.

ARISE Curriculum Guide Chemistry: Topic 10—States of Matter

ARISE Curriculum Guide Chemistry: Topic 10—States of Matter ChemMatters Order a CD with 25 years of ChemMatters , $30 Articles for Student Use Artificial Snow: Powder for the Slopes: Dec. 2000, pp. 10-11.


Graham, T. (2008) “Rebreathers,” ChemMatters 26 (February, No. 1), 11-13. Heltzel, Carl and Wermager, Paul. (2007) “Alice A. Ball: Young Chemist Gave Hope to

CM December 97

2 ChemMatters , DECEMBER 1997 COMMENTS FROM THE EDITOR T How Things Have Changed he other day a representative from Texas Instruments was telling me about the activities they were doing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the handheld calculator.

ChemMatters February 1985 Page 4

soapmaker had a different technique for determining when the batch was ready; but even if the measurements and timing were not exact, the crude soap would still work.

EXTRA CREDIT: Dimensional Analysis and The Crash of Flight 143

12 CHEM MATTERS, OCTOBER 1996 MYSTERY MATTERS t was a smooth flight as Air Canada 143 made its way from Montreal to Edmonton on the afternoon of July 23, 1983.