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Centrifugal Chiller Fundamentals

2 Application Guide AG 31-002 Table of Contents Introduction ..... 3 Basic Refrigeration Cycle..... 3 ...

Chiller Plant Design

2 Application Guide AG 31-003-1 Table of Contents Introduction ..... 4 Using This Guide ...


CHILLER SIZING G.Hise, author January, 2007 J. Cavanaugh, editor Introduction After a technical review, a company has decided that a chiller is required for the molding operations.

Chiller System

3 (6) Example Application Chiller System www.lonix.com 01/2009 1 Introduction This document presents an implementation example for a chiller system consisting of three chillers and their primary pumps.

Energy efficiency purchasing specifications for Federal ...

For example, one chiller could be optimized for peak efficiency at summer conditions (85°F condensing water) and the other chiller could be optimized for winter conditions (75°F condensing water).

CGAM air-cooled scroll chiller

CGAM air-cooled scroll chiller Highly efficient, yet extremely quiet

York YMC2 Magnetic Centrifugal Chillers for Performance Halls ...

And because a YMC 2 chiller makes it easy to raise baseline building performance above ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007, you could also earn additional points for the Optimize Energy Performance ...


AFFINITY™ F-SERIES CHILLER User Manual D2395 Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc. Post Office Box 1000 775 Route 16 Ossipee, NH 03864 USA Telephone: 603-539-3600 (Sales), 603-539-5005 (Service), Fax: 603-539-8484 O:\MANUALS\D4074 REV.

CFT Series Recirculating Chiller

CFT Series Recirculating Chiller NESLAB Manual P/N 002167 Rev. 08/20/97 Instruction and Operation Manual NESLAB online Product Service Information, Electronic Catalog, Applications Notes, MSDS Forms, e-mail.

The Anatomy of a true Industrial Chiller

MASTER CHILLERINC. 3730 Dividend Dr. Garland, TX. 75042 972-272-0886 FAX 972-494-9047 1-800-666-5822 Building better Chiller Systems since 1981 Product Information Master Chiller'sSPIRALLEX CLUSTER COIL is housed in a covered &insulated heavy wall Polyethylene tank.