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© 2005, PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. All rights reserved. (0830) 1 of 2 Chinchillas have an inquisitive and gentle nature, but also have a lot of energy.

Common Name: Chinchilla

Common Name: Chinchilla Scientific Name: Chinchilla laniger Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Chinchilidae Feeding Type: Herbivore Statistics: Body length: 9-15 in Tail length: 3-6 in Weight: 17-28 oz DESCRIPTION: Extreme density of silky pelage ...

A simple method for intravenous injection and blood ...

A simple method for intravenous injection and blood collection in the chinchilla (Chinchillalaniger) A simple method for intravenous injection and blood collection in the chinchilla

Color Genetics of the American Chinchilla Rabbit

Color Genetics of the American Chinchilla Rabbit Carolyn Krienke cry stal_rabbitry@direcway.com The Chinchilla is one of the more striking breeds, with its characteristic coat pattern being displayed in five rings of color seen by blowing on the fur.

A non-invasive method for assessing adrenal activity in the ...

ANon-Invasive Method for Assessing Adrenal Activity in the Chinchilla (Chinchilla Lanigera) MARINAF. PONZIO 1,2*, STEVENL. MONFORT 2, JUANM. BUSSO 1, VIVIANAG.

Origin Energy

Chinchilla Encouragement Campdraft Conditions of Entry Emergency Fire, Police, Ambulance 000 Doctor Chinchilla Medical Practice 4662 7188 Vet Chinchilla Vet Service 4662 7637 Horse Feed Surtie Trading Company 0408 745 274 Go Farm 4669 1133 Landmark 4662 7806 Tyres Tyre Power 4668 9242 Dunlop Tyre Service 4662 7598 Taxi ...


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Chinchilla Rescue

Phone: 650-325-0295 Em ail: adopt@chinchillarescue. org URL: www. chinchilla rescue. org Adoption Policy To adopt a chinchilla from our organization, the Adopter must agree to our adoption policy: ∞ To care for the animal in a humane manner, providing adequate food, water, exercise and shelter ...

Chinchilla Care Booklet

HOUSING Cages Chinchillas need to be housed in a wire cage with openings no larger than 1 inch x 2 inches. If you are getting a young chinchilla or are planning to have babies in the future the openings should be 1/2" x1".

Feeding the Chinchilla

The following articles are courtesy of Oxbow Pet Products. Their foods are available at Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic of Roanoke. Feeding the Chinchilla