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Packaging and Branding Guidelines

AMD CrossFire Chipset 2 Introduction Your Guide to Consistent Marketing and Packaging Guidelines These guidelines are intended to assist you in creating powerfulmarketing for your products that use the newly rebrandedAMD CrossFire™Series chipset products.

Wireless Chipset Solutions

Location-based Services Voice Recognition Linux ® JAVA ™ Palm OS ® M-Commerce GPS Video Conferencing Video Streaming 1XEV-DV EDGE HSDPA UMTS GPRS Smartphone GPRS Multimedia GPRS Entry Level GSM GSM Entry Level Bluetooth ™ MP3 Microsoft ® Windows ® CE Symbian OS ™ Applications Chipsets ...

DLP 0.17 HVGA Chipset

DLP Benefits DLP Technology offers developers the ability to spatially and sequentially steer discrete points of light with speed and precision. The fast micromirror switching speeds found in DLP Chipsets support high bit-depth display applications and high speed, synchronized structured light ...

Marvell® G.hn Chipset G.hn-Compliant MAC/PHY Transceiver ...

Copyright © 2011. Marvell International Ltd. All rights reserved. Marvell, the Marvell logo, Armada, Alaska, Spirit and Yukon are registered trademarks of Marvell.

HP Personal Workstations Frequently Asked Questions

Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5000 and 5100 Sequence Chipset Intel® E7525 Intel 5000X Expansion slots 7 slots 1 PCIe X16 graphics 1 PCIe X8 mechanical (x4 electrical) 3 PCI-X slots (one 133 MHz, two 100 MHz) 2 PCI slots 7 slots 1 PCIe X16 graphics 1 PCIe X16 mechanical (x4 electrical) 1 PCIe X8 ...

Check Chipset for Correct Modem Information

Application Note Conexant Systems, Inc. Personal Computing Division 1 Check Chipset for Correct Modem Application Note 5 /23/03 This application is to help the end-user to determine what type of modem is installed on their Desktop or Notebook.

Intel® 3000 and 3010 Chipset Memory Controller Hub (MCH)

Notice: The Intel® 3000 and 3010 Chipset Memory Controller Hub (MCH) may contain design defects or errors known as errata which may cause the product to deviate from published specifications.

(INTEL i845D Chipset, S-478) With DDR 200/ 266 Memory Main Board

P4A845D (INTEL i845D Chipset, S-478) With DDR 200/ 266 Memory . For Pentium ® 4 400MHz FSB PC System . Main Board . User’s Manual (Ver.:1.0)

The AMD 7-Series Chipsets

The AMD 7-Series Chipsets Product Brand Brief 43792-A 19 AvAILAbLE FoRMATS-AMD 770 CHIPSET Listed below are the available formats of the AMD 770 Chipset logo. 43790-A_770_Logo_P_4C.eps Four-color (CMYK) process version for traditional printing 43790-A_770_Logo_P_Sp.eps Spot-color version for specialized ...

Performance/Mainstream Desktop Chipsets

Intel(R) Chipset Comparison Chart - Server/Workstation Chipsets Server/Workstation Chipsets Intel® 860 Chipset Intel® 460GX Chipset Intel® E7500 Chipset Intel® E8870 Chipset