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Tan Chong InTernaTIonal lImITed Annual Report 2010

Nanjing Business Centre, PRC with Nissan GT-R in the foreground Tan Chong International Limited Annual Report 2010

Chong, Daniel inhouse menu (inside)

Special Cold dish Ahi Waka Chips...15.00 Mix ahi sashimi and avocado in chile sauce and Jalopenor pepper served with cruch chips Hamach ceivich...9.00 Hamach sashimi, asian harb, cucumber, tomato mix in ceivich sauce.


DAVID CHONG 2520 Pillsbury Ave. S, #307 Minneapolis, MN 55404 (213) 458-6523 david@davidchong.net www.davidchong.net RELEVANT EXPERIENCE November 2010 - Present Minnesota Public Radio, Assistant Producer.

Dianne Chong Bio

Dr. Dianne Chong, FASM Immediate Past President & Trustee (2008-2009) Trustee (2003-2006) Dianne Chong Bio

Dr. Dianne Chong, Ph.D.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Dr. Dianne Chong, Ph.D. Director - Material & Process Technology Boeing Commercial Aircraft The Boeing Company Dr. Dianne Chong is the Director of Material & Process Technology for Boeing Commercial Aircraft.

Table of Contents

92 jump facing away from the handler. Give her the commands to come, then to jump, then to front. 4) Place the dog in a sit-stay with dumbbell on an arc on the other side of the high jump facing away from the handler.

Testing Chong orthography in Thailand1

Kimmo Kosonen 1 Testing Chong orthography in Thailand 1 Kimmo Kosonen SIL International, Thailand Abstract Working together with mother tongue speakers from the Chong language community, a team of Thai linguists developed an orthography for the Chong language using Thai script.

Chong Huang

Chong Huang www.econ.upenn.edu/~hchong hchong@sas.upenn.edu UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Placement Director: Kenneth Burdett KENNETHB @ ECON . UPENN .

Biography of Professor Chong Tow Chong

1 / 1 ANNEX A Biography of Professor Chong Tow Chong Professor Chong Tow Chong is currently the Executive Director of the Science and Engineering Research Council and Data Storage Institute at A*STAR.

Nanz Chong-Komo

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