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Working With PROC GMAP and a Note About Census ZCTAs

3 At this point, we can try a test run of the ZCTA boundary file to see how it looks using proc GMAP: pattern1 c=lightblue v=msolid r=9999; proc gmap map= shp.wa_zcta5_unprj data = shp.wa_zcta5_unprj; id name; choro name / coutline = gray nolegend ; run ; quit ; The resulting map is shown in Figure 1.

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ANAT COHEN Biography 2007-2008 Idiomatically conversant with modern and traditional jazz, classical music, Brazilian choro, Argentine tango, and an expansive timeline of Afro-Cuban styles, Anat Cohen has established herself as one of the primary voices of her generation on both the tenor saxophone and ...

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www.unhadegato.com.br unhadegato@unhadegato.com.br RELEASE "Unha de Gato" is a group of "Samba", "Bossa Nova" and "Choro" which looks towards rescuing the traditions of the good quality Brazilian popular music.

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... No. 5 in E Minor, Rondalla Aragonesa No. 6 in D Major; Franz Liszt: Sonetto 123 Del Petrarca (Années de Pèlerinage) , Concert Paraphrase on Verdi's 'Rigoletto' - CD-1149 PAUL POSNAK (PIANO) - ERNESTO NAZARETH TANGOS Odeon: Tango Brasileiro; Brejeiro: Tango; Fon Fon; Apanhei-te Cavaquinho: Choro/Polka ...

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Choro and Batuque by Laurindo Almeida Choro and Batuque are names associated with Brazilian dances. Choro can refer to urban music for an instrumental ensemble including flute, or to the dance music played by such ensembles.

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Here is a snapshot of the FP_map dataset: Figure 2.1 Let us draw a simple choropleth map using this dataset: title; goptions reset=all; proc gmap data=FP_map map=FP_map; id fprt; choro fprt; run; quit; You can view the map below, with boundaries for each footprint.

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"Choro to Catarina"is a dedication to your mother. Tell me about her. My mother is the best. She has always been there for me.'Choro' means crying.


The ubiquitous llama (and the occasional alpaca) is likely to be encountered on all treks, except on the lower reaches of the jungle-draped Choro Trek.

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In Choro Novo is a mixed-voice choral ensemble based in Boston MA. No other ensemble matches the sheer breadth of musical styles represented in our repertoire.


Chapter 1 gives a brief history of the guitar in Brazil as wel l as a survey of the main composers and genres of guitar music in Brazil since the early days of the choro until the late fifties, when Assad was born.