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Ma Maqashay Afarta Sharci ee Ruuxiga ah? Have You Heard of ...

Ciise Masiix of KELIYA waa kii inaga badbaadin karaa dembiyadeenna. Markaan Ciise Masiix raacno keliya ayaan ogaan karnaa jacaylka iyo qorshaha Ilaah u hayo nolosheenna.

Prof. Chadi Assi assi@ciise.concordia.ca EV7

COMP239: Mathematics for Computer Science II Prof. Chadi Assi assi@ciise.concordia.ca EV7.635

A Framework for Privacy-Preserving Cluster Analysis

4* A Framework for Privacy-Preserving Cluster Analysis BenjaminC. M. Fung CIISE, Concordia University Montreal, QC, Canada H3G 1M8 Email: fung@ciise.concordia.ca Ke Wang Simon FraserUniversity Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6 Email: wangk@cs.sfu.ca Lingyu Wang Mourad Debbabi CIISE, Concordia ...

Design and Analysis of Security Protocols

Communication The course web site can be accessed at the following URL: http: //www. ciise. concordia. ca/~debbabi/inse7100. html Last minute changes, announcements and interesting links will be announced in this page.

Humanitarian intervention has been one of the most ...

27 International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty Report (Online), p. xi. Available from: http://www.iciss-ciise.gc.ca/pdf/Commission-Report.pdf [accessed 1 December 2007]. 28 Ibid p. 39 29 See Responsibility to Protect-SC, Frequently asked questions, online, Available from: http://www ...


Roch H. Glitho, Ph.D. Expert -Service Engineering, Ericsson Canada Adjunct Associate Professor -CIISE, Concordia University, Canada Emails: Roch.Glitho@ericsson.com Glitho@ciise.concordia.ca No Slide Title

February 18, 2012 Snapshot

S-EV 6211 7827 Assels, Michael Manager, Networks & Security Engr & Comp Science Michael.Assels@ S-EV 7105 5799 Assi, Dr. Chadi Associate Prof/Grad Prog Dir CIISE assi@ciise.

United States Court of Appeals

United States Court of Appeals FOR THE EIGHTH CIRCUIT _____ No. 04-2258 _____ Hayad Ahmed Guure; Salma Ciise * Liban; Yahia Ciise Liban; * Zubeer Ciise Liban, * *Petition for Review of Petitioners, *an Order of the Board of *Immigration Appeals.

Abubakar Islamic Center

C/risaaq Xaashi Ballroom A 8:05 - 9:00 PM Salaadda Maqrib & Casho Exhibit Hall C 9:00 - 9:45 PM Dhexdhexaysiga Dacwada Sh. Nuux Sh. Ciise Ballroom A 9:45 - 10:45 PM Su'aalo iyo Jawaabo iyo Duco Culimada oo Dhan Ballroom A

Mining writeprints from anonymous e-mails for forensic ...

E-mail addresses: iqbal_f@ciise.concordia.ca (F. Iqbal), h_binsal@ciise.concordia.ca (H. Binsalleeh), fung@ciise.concordia.ca (B.C.M. Fung), debbabi@ciise.concordia.ca (M. Debbabi). available at www.sciencedirect.com journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/diin ARTICLE IN PRESS digital investigation xxx ...