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Clearwing borers: lilac/ash, banded ash

IPM of Midwest Landscapes 88 Pests of Trees and Shrubs Trunk injury and emergence holes caused by lilac/ash clearwing borer. (47) Photo: John Davidson Pupal skin of lilac/ash borer protruding from trunk of lilac.

Clearwing Borers

Clearwing Borers Donald C. Booth, Ph. D., Entomologist C learwing borers are moths in the insect family Sesiidae, which contains about 125 species in North America.

146 Gill et al: Controlling Borers With Nematodes CONTROLLING ...

146 Gill et al: Controlling Borers With Nematodes CONTROLLING BANDED ASH CLEARWING MOTH BORER USING ENTOMOPATHOGENIC NEMATODES by Stanton Gill, John Davidson

Clear Wing Borers

Insect and Disease Fact Sheet Compliments of New Century www.newcenturytree.com 1-877-79TREES Clear Wing Borers The larvae of several species of clearwing moths in the insect family Sesiidae are important wood-boring pests in landscapes.

Distinguishing Emerald Ash Borer from Native Borers

Native Clearwing Borers Among the most common of the native ash borers are the banded ash clearwing borer (Podosesia aureocincta) and the ash/lilac borer ...

Slender Clearwing Sphinx Moth Hemaris gracilis

Photo by M.W. Nelson Route 135, Westborough, MA 01581 tel: (508) 389-6360; fax: (508) 389-7891 www.nhesp.org Description: The Slender Clearwing Sphinx is a day-flying "hummingbird moth" with wings unscaled and transparent except for reddish-brown margins; the thorax is olive in color dorsally ...

and Other Selected Species of Clearwing Borer

Introduction Clearwing borers attack and cause serious damage or death to more than 100 species of deciduous trees and shrubs in North America (Engelhardt, 1946).

c1025 Welsh Clearwing

The Welsh Clearwing is an elusive day-flying moth. It is called 'Welsh Clearwing' because it was first discovered near Llangollen, Denbighshire, in 1854.

Management of Wood Boring Insects

Several Insects Work as Borers • Some beetle larvae - Flatheaded borers/Metallic wood borers - Roundheaded borers/Longhorned beetles • Some moth larvae - Clearwing borers - Carpenterworms - Pyralid borers • Some wasp larvae - Horntails

Journal of Arboriculture 18(2): March 1992 81 CONTROLLING ...

Journal of Arboriculture 18(2): March 1992 81 CONTROLLING CLEARWING MOTHS WITH ENTOMOPATHOGENIC NEMATODES: THE DOGWOOD BORER CASE STUDY by John A. Davidson, Stanton A. Gill and Michael J. Raupp