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How to use a clinometer

Minnesota Project Learning Tree www.dnr.state.mn.us/plt How to use a clinometer What they're used for: Foresters use clinometers to quickly determine a tree's height or percent grade on a slope.

Chapter 4 Using a Compass and Clinometer

Chapter 4 Using a Compass and Clinometer _____ In this chapter you will learn about: æ Parts of a compass æ Tips on getting accurate compass readings æ Adjusting a compass for magnetic declination æ Orienting a compass æ Taking ...

Measuring Tree Height using a Clinometer

Measuring Tree Height using a Clinometer Tree height is measured using the principle of triangulation with a clinometer . Of all the forestry tools you will use, the clinometer requires the most practice and skill.

Technical Bulletin M0003 - How To Use a Clinometer How To Use ...

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Using the Suunto Optical Reading Clinometer

Microsoft Word - using suunto clinometer.doc. Using the Clinometer Page 1 of 1 Copyright© Pacific Gas and Electric Company, all rights reserved www.pge.com/pec Using the Suunto Optical Reading Clinometer Figure 1: Suunto Clinometer.

DeviceNet*Dual Clinometer

DESCRIPTION:_____ The Matric Dual Inclinometer is a smart sensor capable of measuring angles of +/- 55º in two orthogonal axes.

maths: clinometer

Clinometer Equipment You will need: • A clinometer template cut out of card. • Some sticky tape. • A straw. This needs to be straight enough that you can see all the way through.

Tree Measuring Guide

Diagram 1: Mathematical process for measuring the height of a tree using a laser rangefinder and a clinometer. Tree Measuring Guide


Activity 4 Estimating Heights with a Clinometer A clinometer is a simple-to-make instrument which lets you estimate the height of an object (building, tree, flagpole) by using the properties of aright-triangle.

DCC-1 Digital Compass/Clinometer

2 3 4 5 6 7 DCC-1 Digital Compass/Clinometer The DCC-1 is the smallest, lightest and most accurate instrument for measuring of horizontal and vertical Angles.