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Lesson 6: Measuring Trees

Clinometer or woodland stick 3. Increment borer (optional) 4. Data recording sheets I. Getting Started You will need to record data about the trees in your plot.

353-96-01 Measuring Slopes Under Sand Dune Protection Program

Raise or lower the clinometer (by tilting your head) to place the sighting line at the object. Read the number inside the clinometer to determine steepness of slope in degrees on the left scale or percent on the right scale.

Calibration of clinometers for the alignment of muon chambers ...

The 6 different mounting plates The 6 different mounting plates Clinometer's place

Student Assignment: Acme Landscaping Closure Activity

Concept/Task 4 3.5 3 2 1 0 Clinometer x*Correct and neatly constructed Clinometer Diagram x*Situation is correctly drawn. x*You and the object are in your diagram. x*The diagram is completely labeled with all known lengths and angles. x*Unknown lengths marked with a variable.

Math 11 – Laboratory

the number of students in your group as each student should use the clinometer at a location). From each of these locations use the clinometer to find the angle of

UNIT 15 Trigonometry

Thread Drinking Straw Protractor Mass Adhesive You can now use your clinometer to determine the height of an object such as a building or a tree. Follow this method.

Chapter 4. Orientation Description

As the lever moves, the level and the vernier moves, and the center of the vernier points to the clinometer scale that is located on the bottom of the compass.

Compasses & Clinometers

SPUME-5/360PC Suunto Clinometer, Degrees & Percent SPUME-5/360S Suunto Clinometer, Degrees & Secant SPUME-5/SPEC Suunto Clinometer, Percent & Secant KB-37011 Leather Belt Case for Clinometer

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Model 900 Biaxial Clinometer Specifications Models 901 & 902 Slimline Biaxial Clinometers Specifications Tulip 4-20mA Uniaxial Clinometer IRIS Tilt Switch and Controller Specifications Specifications

Trigonometry Right Triangle Lab: Measuring Height

The first part is for planning and building your clinometer; the second is for taking measurements. The goal is to measure the height of the flagpole in front of the school using two different methods: a.