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P EST N OT ES Publication 7467 University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources May 2007 C OCKROACHES Integrated Pest Management for Home Gardeners and Landscape Professionals There are six species of cockroaches in California that can become pests: German cockroach, brownbanded ...


Cockroaches Jeffrey Hahn, Assistant Extension Specialist, Department of Entomology Mark Ascerno, Department Head, Department of Entomology There are four kinds of cockroaches that can infest homes in Minnesota, including German cockroach, brownbanded cockroach, American cockroach, and Oriental ...


The cockroach . Vol. 1. London, Hutchinson, 1968. 3. Roth LM, Willis ER. The medical and veterinary importance of cockroaches. Smithsonian miscellaneous collection , 1957, 134: 1-147. 4.

Identification, Biology, and Control

COCKROACH CONTROL Prevention and Sanitation Prevention is the key to successful cockroach control. Preventive measures will minimize cockroach invasion of buildings and eliminate or greatly reduce availability of food, water, and shelter.

Least Toxic Methods of Cockroach Control1

ENY-258 Least Toxic Methods of Cockroach Control 1 D. M. Miller and P. G. Koehler 2 1. This document is ENY-258, one of a series of the Entomology and Nematology Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida.


Cockroaches have survived for more than 300 million years. Ancient cockroach fossils have the same appearance as today's cockroaches: oval and flat with long legs and antennae.


A fifth species, the Pennsylvania wood cockroach is an occasional nuisance pest in some locations. The German cockroach is a widely distributed urban pest.

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1 German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) The adult is about 15 mm (5/8 to 2/3 inches) long. Adults are light brown with two dark "racing stripes" on the shield (pronotum) behind the head.

Cockroach Management

D. H. Gouge, C. Olson, (University of Arizona); M. Rehm-Bowler , N. Enriquez, J. M. Rodriguez (AZ Dept. Environmental Quality). Integrated Pest Management Techniques for Cockroaches - 1 - Cockroach Management In Arizona there are five common cockroaches in Arizona: German, American, Turkestan ...

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1 Educating People To Help Themselves Home & Garden Mimeo # HG15 Cockroaches Local Governments - U.S. Department of Agriculture Cooperating German Cockroach There are four species of cockroaches that commonly infest homes and buildings in Maryland.