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THE BALLISTIC COEFFICIENT William T. McDonald Ted C. Almgren December, 2008 The term "ballistic coefficient" is familiar to most shooters today. They know that the ballistic coefficient of a bullet is a measure of how well it retains velocity as it travels downrange and how well it "bucks" the wind.

The Correlation Coefficient

Chapter 2 The Correlation Coefficient In chapter 1 you learned that the term "correlation" refers to a process for establishing whether or not relationships exist between two variables.

The Use and Misuse of the Coefficient of Variation

The Use and Misuse of the Coefficient of Variation in Organizational Demography Research • Jesper B. Sørensen Sloan School of Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology E52-581 50 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02142 Email: sorensen@mit.edu Voice: (617) 253-7945 Fax: (617) 253-2660

A Standard Method for Using Daylight Coefficients in Dynamic ...

1 A STANDARD DAYLIGHT COEFFICIENT MODEL FOR DYNAMIC DAYLIGHTING SIMULATIONS D. Bourgeois 1, C.F. Reinhart 2, G. Ward 3 1 École d'architecture, Université Laval 1, côte de la Fabrique, Québec (QC) CANADA G1K 7P4 denis.bourgeois@arc.ulaval.ca 2 National Research Council Canada 1200 Montreal ...

Conguence: Congruence coefficient, -coefficient,

In NeilSalkind (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Research Design. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 2010 Conguence: Congruence coefficient, R V-coefficient, and Mantel coefficient Herv´eAbdi 1Overview The congruence between two configurations of points quantifies their similarity.

Coefficient of Friction

Coefficient of Friction A common question I get asked regarding tile is, what is the COF? Coefficient of Friction is a number rating, as criteria to measure tile for the appropriateness in a commercial application.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for 477-T16 ACCR

477-T16 ACCR Coefficient of Thermal Expansion page 2 of 8 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for 477-T16 ACCR Summary: The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) was measured for a 477-T16 ACCR

Testing a correlation coefficient's significance:

Psychology Science, Volume 49, 2007 (2), p. 74-87 Testing a correlation coefficient's significance: Using H 0: 0 < UdO is preferable to H 0: U = 0 K LAUS D. K UBINGER 1 ,D IETER R ASCH 2 &M ARIE Š IME˝KOVA 3 Abstract This paper proposes an alternative approach in correlation analysis to ...

Coefficient of Linear Expansion

Name _____ Group #_____ Date _____ Partners _____ Coefficient of Linear Expansion Experimental Objective The objective of this experiment is to determine the coefficient of linear expansion for aluminum, copper and steel.

Coefficient of static friction (slide angle) of packaging and ...

WI 050308.03 T 815 DRAFT NO. 4 DATE October 30, 2007 TAPPI WORKING GROUP CHAIRMAN Gary Vosler SUBJECT CATEGORY FISCOTEC RELATED METHODS See "Additional Information" Approved by the Standard Specific Interest Group for this Test Method TAPPI CAUTION: This Test Method may include safety ...