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PEREZ COMPANC S.A. INVESTOR FACT SHEET PROFILE Founded in 1946, the Company is Latin America's sole independent energy company. Perez Companc S.A. is a holding company whose only asset is Pecom Energía S.A., which comprises all is operating activities.


KEY PLAYERS Percentage Ownership by OCP Ltd. Consortium Members Alberta Energy Ltd. (Canada) 31.4 Percent Repsol-YPF (Spain) 25.69 Perez Companc (Argentina) 15 Occidental Petroleum (USA) 12.26 Agip (Italy) 7.51 Techint (Argentina) 4.12 Kerr-McGee Corp (USA) 4.02 Financial Advisor: J.P. Morgan Chase Financing ...

(Rio de Janeiro,January , 2003 7). – PETROLEO BRASILEIRO S ...

the acquisition of Perez Companc. In October 2002, Petrobras acquired a 58.62% stake in the share capital of the Argentine group, Perez Companc, the largest independent oil

Section 363(n) and the Issue of Collusion in Asset Sales

The Leading Cases on Section 363(n) - Below please find a summary of the following leading cases on Section 363(n): A. Lone Star Indus. v Compania Naviera Perez Companc (In re New York Trap Rock Corp.) , 42 F.3d 747 (2d Cir. 1994) (" Lone Star ") B. Blydenburgh Props., Inc. v. Colony Hill Assocs.


Client: Pérez Company S.A. / UTE S.C. II Date: January 1998 Contents: 1. Wind-Powered Systems for Cathodic Protection (Perez Companc S.A.) 2.

Project Profile

Project Profile HEAVY CRUDE OILS AND NATURAL GAS TREATMENT PLANT - LA PORFIADA Santa Cruz, Argentina - PÉREZ COMPANC (currently PETROBRAS) JOB# O-03116 www.tecna.com Santa Cruz

Seismic Applications Throughout the Life of the Reservoir

Summer 2002 49 Using this concept, Pecom Energía de Pérez Companc SA (PECOM) and WesternGeco have improved their understanding of the María Inés Oeste field in Santa Cruz, Argentina, laying the foundation for successful appraisal and future development (right) .

Matter of Enrique Salas COMPEAN, Respondent

Cite as 24 I&N Dec. 710 (A.G. 2009) Interim Decision #3632 710 Matter of Enrique Salas COMPEAN, Respondent File A078 566 977-Houston, Texas Matter of Sylla BANGALY, Respondent File A078 555 848 - Houston, Texas Matter of J-E-C-, et al., Respondents Decided by Attorney General January 7, 2009 U.S ...

Sizing, Selection, and Installation of Pressure-Relieving ...

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How Can a Stock Market Boom During a Financial Crisis

The firms, their industries, NYSE trading symbols, and their associated values of NYSE trading in 2001 are listed in order of trading activity (in thousands of dollars): Telecom Argentina, telecom and data networking, TEO ($1,516,362); BBVA Banco Frances, banking, BFR ($717,402); Perez Companc, gas and ...