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MT-083: Comparators

Rev. A, 09/2011, WK Page 1 of 7 MT-083 TUTORIAL Comparators COMPARATOR BASICS A comparator is similar to an op amp. It has two inputs, inverting and non-inverting and an output (see Figure 1) .

Designing with comparators

infinite gain. Ifyou leave the feedback resistor out ofan op-amp circuit, it operates like a comparator, but you shouldn't use op amps to perform comparator functions except under limited conditions.


DOLPHIN INTEGRATION Application note: Introduction to behavioral modules March 1995 1 VOLTAGE COMPARATORS AND SCHMITT TRIGGERS: INTRODUCTION TO BEHAVIORAL MODELING Version 1 - March 1995 TABLE Introduction p1 How does a comparator work? p1 Starting point p2 First step: a macro-model description ...

Fred V. Fowler Company, Inc. Twin Channel Comparators

170 Phone: 1-(800) 788-2353 Fax: (617) 332-4137 Fred V. Fowler Company, Inc. Fowler provides two new Twin Channel Comparators. Designed for use with our LVDT probes listed below, our comparators provide a cost effective solution for many measuring applications.


PREFACE Operational amplifiers (op-amps) and comparators are two of the most intricate, and in many ways the most important, building blocks of an analog circuit.

A Quad of Independently Func Comparators

LM139,LM239,LM339 Application Note 74 LM139/LM239/LM339 A Quad of Independently Functioning Comparators Literature Number: SNOA654

Amplifiers and Comparators Product Guide, 27th edition

2 Consumer products Low-power, high-performance, space-efficient amplifiers and comparators offer design flexibility for consumer equipment In handheld consumer equipment, size and power consumption are of critical importance.

MT-084: Using Op Amps as Comparators

Rev.0, 10/08, WK Page 1 of 6 MT-084 TUTORIAL Using Op Amps As Comparators Even though op amps and comparators may seem interchangeable at first glance there are some important differences.

4-Bit Magnitude Comparators

SN5485, SN54LS85, SN54S85 SN7485, SN74LS85, SN74S85 4-BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATORS 4-Bit Magnitude Comparators

Analog Comparators on baseline PICs

Introduction to PIC Programming Baseline Architecture and Assembly Language Analog Comparators on baseline PICs