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Viewpoint Jeannette M. Wing

Computational thinking will be a reality when it is so integral to human endeavors it disappears as an explicit philosophy. Many people equate computer science with computer programming.

Introduction to Computational Chemistry

Ab initio calculations • "ab initio" is Latin for "from the beginning" •We begin with fundamental physical properties, and we calculate how electrons and nuclei interact.

NIH Working Definition of Bioinformatics

NIH WORKING DEFINITION OF BIOINFORMATICS AND COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY July 17, 2000 The following working definition of bioinformatics and computational biology were developed by the BISTIC Definition Committee and released on July 17, 2000.

Computational Thinking: A Definition

1 Computational Thinking: What and Why? Jeannette M. Wing 17 November 2010 In my March 2006 CACM article I used the term "computational thinking" to articulate a vision that everyone, not just those who major in computer science, can benefit from thinking like a computer scientist [Wing06].

Computational Algorithms and Procedures

1 RESEARCH Computational Algorithms and Procedures Learning, with understanding, about computation and algorithms to solve problems is a natural and fertile site for learning about the detailed nature of numbers and operations and their various models and representations.

Cover Imagery

iii May 27, 2005 The Honorable George W. Bush President of the United States The White House Washington, D.C. 20500 Dear Mr. President: The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) is pleased to submit to you the enclosed report Computational Science: Ensuring America's ...

Computational thinking across the curriculum: A conceptual ...

Computational thinking across the curriculum: A conceptual framework May 18,2009 1 An introduction to computational thinking and our project The development of computer technologies and computer science has been largely motivated by a desire to support, extend and amplify the human intellect.

An Introduction to Computational Physics

An Introduction to Computational Physics Numerical simulation is now an integrated part of science and technology. Now in its second edition, this comprehensive textbook provides an introduction to the basic methods of computational physics, as well as an overview of recent progress in several ...

Agent-Based Computational Economics*

Agent-Based Computational Economics * LEIGHTESFATSION Department of Economics, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011-1070 http://www.econ. iastate.edu/tesfatsi/ tesfatsi@iastate.edu ISU Economics Working Paper No. 1, Revised August 24,2003 Abstract: Agent-based computational economics (ACE) is ...

Cryptography with Constant Computational Overhead

Cryptography with Constant Computational Overhead Yuval Ishai ⁄y Eyal Kushilevitz zy Rafail Ostrovsky xy Amit Saha i{y A PPEARED IN STOC 2008: 433-442 Abstract Current constructions of cryptographic primitives typically involve a large multiplicative computational overhead that grows with the ...