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Genesys Meeting Center Version 4.0

genesys meeting center version 4.0 frequently asked questions where can i download the new 4.0 meeting center application so that i can run 4.0 meetings?

Employing IT-Level Security for IP Videoconferencing

Employing IT-Level Security for IP Videoconferencing Copyright © 2006 Wainhouse Research. All rights reserved. Page 2 IT Security Concepts Relevant to Conferencing In recent years a number of IT security concepts, including authentication / policy, data privacy, and internet security, have ...

Video Conferencing over BGAN

1/30 Video Conferencing over BGAN BGAN solutions guide Video Conferencing over BGAN Version 01 05.10.06 www.inmarsat.com/bgan Whilst the information has been prepared by Inmarsat in good faith, and all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure its accuracy, Inmarsat makes no warranty or


Yet the technologies of application sharing and video conferencing together offer powerful, economical ways to share information and bring distant collaborators together.

IP Office Conferencing Center User

Conferencing Center Page 7 15-601010 Issue 05a (04 September 2008) IP Office Conference Center: 1. Conference Center Conferencing Center Scheduler has the following key features: •A web-based interface for both the Conferencing Center administrator and user.

The Top Five Benefits of Video Conferencing

Reduced Travel Costs In today's globalized economy, travel is often a prerequisite for leveraging new market opportunities. Journeying to distant locales to engage in face-to-face interactions with customers, partners, and colleagues is a time-honored business ritual, and nothing will ever ...

Genesys Meeting Center Moderator Audio Commands

THE WORLD'S LEADING CONFERENCING SPECIALIST © 2007 Genesys Conferencing. All rights reserved. All trademarks property of their respective owners. www.genesys.com GENESYS CONFERENCING Genesys Meeting Center Moderator Audio Commands b 0 b b 1 b Private Greeting Room Receive Participants Enter the ...

The conference-powered agile enterprise

A BT Conferencing case study Flexible working in BT The conference-powered agile enterprise Best practice pedigree The BT flexible working programme has an impeccable pedigree.

Cisco TelePresence Video Conferencing Room Primer

D14621.02 Cisco TelePresence System Video conferencing room primer—Nov. 2010. 1. Video conferencing room primer. General guidelines for room design and best practice

Select a Web Conferencing Vendor

Info-Tech Research Group 2 The Web Conferencing Vendor Landscape is dominated by established vendors each offering their own flavor. Use cases will determine best fit.