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Myths of Identity in Derek Walcott's liThe Schooner Flight" MARY C. fuLLER 1. Connotations Vol. 5.2-3 (1995/96) The protagonist of "The Schoon~r Flight" describes himself, in a passage


Poetry as Procreation: Connotations Vol. 8.3 (1998/99) John Dryden's Creative Concept of Poetry and Imitation l CHRISTIANE BIMBERG 1. Introduction

Left-hemisphere processing of emotional connotation during ...

For gener-atingwordswith emotional connotations, participants alternated between categories that elicited words with positive emotional connotations (e.g. things at an amusement park, desserts) and cate-goriesthat elicited words with negative emotional connotations (e.g. diseases, things having to ...


slim skinny 4. new unproven 2. cheap inexpensive 5. thrifty miserly 3. invest gamble 6. trailer mobile home B Provide Different Connotations: The following words are neutral; they have neither a positive nor a negative connotation.

Connotation and Denotation

Although both house and home have the same denotation, or dictionary meaning, home also has many connotations . Read the following sentences. Type in all your answers (ten) for this page on the answer sheet, and then send it in to Mrs. Dowling! o Annette was surprised. o Annette was amazed. o Annette was ...

Sports Team Names Connotation Activities

List the connotations of the team name on the poster. Your poster might also include: Team name logo design Quotes from classmates describing their reactions to the name The definition of the name Following your class presentation, turn in all three activities together.

Denotation and Connotation

A. Identifying Positive and Negative Connotations. Denotation and Connotation Teaching A word's denotation is its dictionary definition.

Connotation & Denotation Activity #2

For each of the following words or phrases, list at least two synonyms that have more negative connotations than the given word. a. child e. scholarly b.

Connotation & Denotation

Exercise Directons  Change the words of each of the following sentences so that they have both positive and negative connotations. See the next page.

English Language Arts - Reading

Lesson Summary: This two-day lesson allows students to review the terms denotation, connotation, diction and mood and apply their knowledge to change the mood of a paragraph by using words with different connotations.