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Drought Contingency & Emergency Water Management Plan

1 1. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Management Plan (subsequently referred to as the Plan) is as follows: • To conserve the available water supply in times of drought and emergency • To maintain supplies for domestic water use ...

Incentives for Sobriety

Contingency Management Incentives for Sobriety Stephen T. Higgins, Ph.D., and Nancy M. Petry, Ph.D. Contingency management (CM), the systematic reinforcement of desired behaviors and the withholding of reinforcement or punishment of undesired behaviors, is an effective strategy in the treatment ...


Attachment I 1 SAMPLE IT CONTINGENCY PLAN FORMAT This sample format provides a template for preparing an information technology (IT) contingency plan.

CDC Unified Process

CDC U NIFIED P ROCESS P RACTICES G UIDE C ONTINGENCY P LANNING UP Version: 12/31/08 Page 1 of 5 Purpose The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the practice of Contingency Planning and to describe the practice overview, requirements, best practices, activities, and key terms ...

Chapter 6, Preparing for Oil Spills: Contingency Planning

Preparing For Oil Spills: Contingency Planning 6 INTRODUCTION OIL SPILLS ARE, unfortunately, common events in many parts of the United States. Most of them are accidental, so no one can know when, where, or how they will occur.


CONTINGENCY MANAGEMENT INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice D O Y OU H EAR T HINGS L IKE T HIS F ROM T EACHERS ? Sarah is not motivated to do her math assignments.

Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure Contingency Planning Guidance ITS-SOP-0040 Version Date: 20080702 Effective Date: 20080707 Expiration Date: 20110707 Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Information Officer 1

Actuarial Study of PEHP's Contingency Reserves

Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General - 1 - Office of LEGISLATIVE AUDITOR GENERAL State of Utah REPORT NUMBER 2011-06 July 2011 Actuarial Study of PEHP's Contingency Reserves A Performance Audit of PEHP's Business Practices (report no. 2011-01) released in January 2011, showed that the ...

Fiedler's Contingency Theory

Good Poor Structured Unstructured Structured Strong Weak Strong Weak Strong Weak Strong Weak Unstructured Leader-member relations Task structure Leader position power Increasing effectiveness of the leader Increasing effectiveness of the leader Relationship Oriented Task Oriented High control ...

EPLC Practices Guide

D EPARTMENT OF H EALTH AND H UMAN S ERVICES E NTERPRISE P ERFORMANCE L IFE C YCLE F RAMEWORK P RACTICES G UIDE P RACT ICES G UI DE P RACT ICES G UI DE <OPDIV Logo> C ONTINGENCY P LAN Issue Date: <mm/dd/yyyy> Revision Date: <dd/mm/yyyy> <OPDIV> Contingency Plan (v1.0) Page 1 of 4 This document is ...