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Contrastive analysis: An overview

Graham Thurgood (ENGL 232) 57 Contrastive analysis: An overview Moulton's Audiolingual slogans 1.

Contrastive Analysis and Native Language Identification

Contrastive Analysis and Native Language Identification Sze-Meng Jojo Wong Centre for Language Technology Macquarie University Sydney, NSW, Australia szewong@science. mq.edu.au Mark Dras Centre for Language Technology Macquarie University Sydney, NSW, Australia madras@science.mq.edu.au Abstract ...

Contrastive Analysis

Contrastive Analysis 2. Teaching: Learning the second language is different from acquiring the first language. A child acquiring English as a native language makes perceptual differences about different languages, he acquires language system.

#1 Complementary and

Basic rules for phonological analysis • If two sounds are in contrastive distribution, they must belong to different phonemes. • If two sounds are in complementary distribution: – One of them (the one with the restricted distribution) is not a phoneme, and must be created by a phonological ...

The contrastive hierarchy in phonology1 B. Elan Dresher

The contrastive hierarchy in phonology 1 B. Elan Dresher 1. Introduction Since Saussure's famous statement that "dans la langue il n'y a que des dif-férences" (Saussure [1916] 1972: 166), 2 the notion of contrast has been at the heart of linguistic theory.


New Directions 2 New Directions in Contrastive Rhetoric Abstract Contrastive rhetoric examines differences and similarities in writing across cultures.

Contrastive Analysis of English- Persian Intonation

2 Table of Contents Introduction-----4 Significance of Contrastive Analysis in ESL classrooms Chapter one-----6 Word Definition What is the difference between "Farsi ...

Chapter three Contrastive analysis

Chapter three Contrastive analysis A classic question in phonetic theory is: "What sounds can a language have?" It has been asked about vowel inventories (Lindblom, 1986) and consonant inventories (Lindblom and Maddieson, 1988).


1075 CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS AND ERROR ANALYSIS-IMPLICATIONS FOR THE TEACHING OF ENGLISH Roxana MIHALACHE U.S.A.M.V. Iasi Exista o serie de factori care interactioneaza si influenteaza performanta lingvistica a celui care învata o limba straina.


LEXICAL CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS ROLF BERNDT University of Rostock 'Contrastive Analysis', according to R. L. Hadlich, 'seeks to catalogue, through the comparative analysis of the native and foreign language systems, the points of difference, so that more effective language-learning materials, based ...