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While there are some minor variations, three basic types of coolant are available today: Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT), Organic Additive Technology (OAT) and Hybrid Organic Additive Technology (HOAT).


L ift the hood of a new Ford vehicle and you're likely to see a yellow coolant in the overflow jug and an interesting label on it. In pictorial language it says "Do not use orange coolant; yellow coolant is okay."

Protect Your Power Stroke

Protect Your Power Stroke ® Diesel Engine with Gold Motorcraft Coolant DSLCOOLANTINFOSS 12-08 Motorcraft and Power Stroke Diesel are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company © 2008 Ford Motor Company What type of coolant should be used in my Power Stroke Diesel?


prestone antifreeze/coolant msdsp149 1 section 1: identification msds id: msdsp149 product name: prestone antifreeze/coolant product number: af777

Coolant flush and replacement

Coolant flush and replacement - 1 - © Haynes North America, Inc. 2008 With permission from J.H. Haynes & Co. Ltd. The following information is general in nature.

Engine Coolant Frequently Asked Questions

Engine Coolant Frequently Asked Questions Some companies market a "Universal" coolant claiming that their product can be used for all vehicle applications.

Coolant Color and its Significance

CPM · July/October 2003 · 27 I I n the past few years, the number of coolant types and colors seems to have exploded. Some of this is due to globalization, or global sourcing, by vehicle manufacturers.

Coolant Testing

Coolant Testing Field Maintenance Tools for Engine Coolants Coolant Test Strips 3-Way ™ SCA and Freeze Point Test Strips Measuring the Freeze Point and Chemical protection in your engine's cooling system is essential for protection against liner pitting, corrosion and coolant dilution.

I have been doing some research on coolant maintenance lately

Ethylene Glycol has been used in gasoline and diesel engines for years.. They are an accepted I have been doing some research on coolant maintenance lately

Extended Life Coolant - FAQ

1 CAT EXTENDED LIFE COOLANT The information contained herein includes recommendations regarding the maintenance and testing of coolant for trucks and earthmoving equipment using Cat Extended Life Coolant (ELC).