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The Corrugator - A Corrugated Garter Stitch Scarf

The Corrugator - A Corrugated Garter Stitch Scarf by Paula Smith www.hiredhands.ca Yarn: Whatever you think would make a nice scarf. Instructions are given here for fingering weight and, in brackets, worsted weight.

Corrugator Machine and Paper Mill Bearings

S cheerer is always thinking about the economics of its customers. We respect the tremendous investment that a corrugator and its associated converting equipment represents.

C o r r u g a t i n g S t a r c h A d h e s i v e s M a n u a l

Many times the board will be dry and brittle coming off the corrugator, or may become brittle as it stack cures. If a pin adhesion test is performed on a sample of this board, low numbers will result.

Troubleshooting delamination issues on the corrugator

MAY 2008 By Wayne Porell D elamination issues arise on the corrugator in many different forms. It takes careful detective work to figure out its causes and cures.

Corrugator Wastewater

Corrugator Wastewater Reuse Results The corrugating facility installed a DMP system in 1996 to treat the flexographic wastewater consisting of starch from the corrugating operations as well as rinse water from the ink applied to the corrugated boards.


corrugator that received significant upgrades in 1991 and 1997. In addition, the bridge is now equipped with E+L CorrAligner and E+L TensionMaster.

Careers in Corrugated: Production personnel

Here are many of the job titles that fall into the production category: Corrugator job titles: Clamp truck operator/ starch mixer Corrugator operator/ supervisor Stacker operator Double-backer operator Slitter/ scorer operator Stacker Converting job titles: ...

Your corrugator's speed curve

NOVEMBER 2006 Your corrugator's speed curve By Chris Polster What it is and how to make it work for you R unning a corrugator at high speed means something different today than it did just a few years ago.


CPI Corrugated Sector Guarding Standards and Safe Working Practices - Inspection Checklist (August 2005) 2 Corrugator Guarding Standards and Safe Working Practices This inspection checklist is designed for member companies to use as a guide/aid to assess the adequacy of Machinery Guarding ...

Corrugator Major components: Maintenance

Corrugator Major Components: Maintenance & Operating Guidelines, 2nd Edition Corrugator Major components: Maintenance