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Kings County

SUPREME COURT - CIVIL TERM address: 360 Adams St. , Brooklyn, NY 11201 phone: (718) 675-7699 hours: 9 a. m. - 5 p. m. ADA accessibility: ADA accessible bathrooms & telephones are available at 360 Adams. parking: Numerous private parking lots in the area surrounding the courthouse. security ...

to Magistrate's

3 Your Guide to Magistrate's Court TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 Most 1 Frequently Asked Questions 4 Questions 4 A. What is Magistrate's Court? B. How do you file a lawsuit in Magistrate's Court?

COURTS GUIDE & INFO: Niagara County

COURTS GUIDE & INFO: 1-800-COURT-NY WWW . NY COURTS . GO V TDD: 212-428-2511 SUPREME COURT address: 775 3rd St. Niagara Falls, NY 14302 phone/fax: (716) 278-1800 fax: (716) 278-1809 hours: 9 a. m. - 5 p. m. parking: General parking in two lots, with parking for persons with disabilities near the ...

Information about Conciliation Court

CCT101 State ENG Rev 12/09 www.mncourts.gov/forms Page 1 of 6 Information about Conciliation Court The information contained in this document is not intended as legal advice but as a general guide to you to explain the legal process.


198 IN THE DISTRICT OF THE SEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO A. General Rules 1. To schedule any court hearing or proceeding, counsel must contact the clerk of the presiding judge to arrange a time certain.


ARKANSAS JUDICIAL DIRECTORY . INDEX Page Supreme Court . 2 Court of Appeals & Staff 3 Supreme Court Staff 4 . Administrative Office of the Courts 5 Circuit Judges

e Supreme Court of California

Contents Foreword v Part 1 The California Supreme Court 1 How a Case Reaches the Supreme Court 1 Justices 2 Quarters 3 The Court's Staffs 3 Part 2 Public Access to the California Supreme Court's Work 7 Supreme Court Opinions 7 Calendars, Notices, and Minutes 8 Case Information System 8 Special ...

Virginia Courts In Brief

The components necessary to discharge this function are a court system unified in its structure and administration, competent, honest judges and court personnel, ...

Do Reentry Courts Reduce Recidivism?

Do Reentry Courts Reduce Recidivism? Results from the Harlem Parole Reentry Court research By Zachary Hamilton March 2010 A Projectof the Fund for the City of New York

WhatMakes a Court Problem- Solving?

WhatMakes a Court Problem-Solving? Universal Performance Indicators for Problem-Solving Justice Best Practices By Rachel Porter, Michael Rempel and Adam Mansky Submitted to the State Justice Institute February 2010 A Projectof the Fund for the City of New York