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Michigan Judicial System

Michigan Judicial System Michigan's concept of "One Court of Justice" was introduced in 1963 by Article VI, Section 1 of the Michigan Constitution.


LOUISIANA PARISH ELECTION OFFICIALS LIST Parish Clerk of Court Registrar of Voters President, PBES COC-ROV list revised 9/22/2011 Page 1 Acadia (01) Hon. Robert T. "Robby" Barousse P. O. Box 922 Crowley, LA 70527-0922 Phone ...

The Self Help Legal Center

Go to other small claims court hearings before yours If your county courthouse has a special date when they schedule the smcll claims court hearings, try to attend at least one hearing before the date of your hearing.

FW-001 Request to Waive Court Fees

If you are getting public benefits, are a low-income person, or do not have enough income to pay for household’s basic needs and your court fees, you may

Family Violence Prevention Fund

Coordinated Court. Under this model, all the various types of cases that are han-dled in an Integrated Court (criminal domestic violence as well as family matters) ...


DOES PUBLIC OPINION INFLUENCE THE SUPREME COURT? POSSIBLY YES (BUT WE'RE NOT SURE WHY) * Lee Epstein & Andrew D. Martin ** Introduction Using qualitative data and historical methods, Barry Friedman asserts with confidence that "we the people" influence the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. 1 ...


Do I need to appear in court if I choose to plead guilty and pay the fi ne? If the "Court Appearance Required" box has not been checked on the complaint and if the charge is listed on either the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule or the Local Violations Bureau Schedule, ...


the superior court approved panel of psychiatrists & psychologists  psychiatrist [m.d.] january 24, 2012

The Tax Court

Exam A s IRS audits more taxpayers, it is probable that more notices of deficiency will result. For deficiency cases, a timely filed petition in response to the statutory notice grants jurisdiction to the Tax Court (the Court).


1 RHODE ISLAND SUPERIOR COURT WHAT DOES THIS COURT DO? The Superior Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in the Rhode Island unified state court system , having original jurisdiction in all felony proceedings, in civil matters where the amount in controversy exceeds $10,000, and in ...