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The Digital Divide and Courtroom Technology: Can David Keep ...

A Consideration of Today's-and Tomorrow's-High Technology Courtrooms, 50 S.C. L. R EV . 799, 831 (1998). 71 .See id. 72 .See id. 73. E-mail from Judge James S. Gwin, U. S. Dist. Judge, N.D. Ohio, to Author (Aug. 29, 2000, 08:41:53 EDT) (on file with Author).

Courtroom Audio, Video, and Videoconferencing

Cameras in the courtrooms are connected to a central security location. These cameras can be activated during an emergency and during out-of-session periods of time.

The Pros and Cons of Television in the Courtroom

1 The Pros and Cons of Television in the Courtroom Joyce M. Cossin Lights! Camera! Action! Are these the sounds of a Hollywood movie being made? No, these are the sounds of our courtrooms with trials in progress.

GAO-02-341 COURTHOUSE CONSTRUCTION Information on Courtroom ...

Page 9 GAO-02-341 Information on Courtroom Sharing Table 2: Types of District Judges Sharing Courtrooms on a Regular Basis at 11 Facilities Types of district judges sharing courtrooms Circuit Location of facility Active judges Senior judges with 10 years or less in senior status Senior judges with more than 10 ...

Courtroom Technology

Not all courtrooms have cassettes or auxiliary video connections STEP3: Select who needs to see the evidence. Some courtrooms have Podium instead of Auxiliary NTSC Note : There are two LCD monitors located on each attorney table.


3 INTRODUCTION Why go electronic? Electronic courtrooms, or e-courtrooms, are efficient . Consistent use of the electronic components available in an e-courtroom can reduce trial time 15-25 percent, depending on the number of exhibits.

THE ROAD TO THE VIRTUAL COURTROOM? A Consideration of Today's ...

THE ROAD TO THE VIRTUAL COURTROOM? A Consideration of Today's - and Tomorrow's - High Tech Courtrooms presented 9 December 2002 at the The International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law's 16 th International Conference on Technology and Its Effects on Criminal Responsibility, Security, and ...

Frequently Asked Questions - Technology in the Courtroom

Is the same technology available in all three courtrooms? Yes. All three courtrooms (Judge McFeeley, Judge Starzynski and the 11th floor courtroom) have the same wiring infrastructure.

Energy Effective Courtroom Lighting: An Analysis of Existing ...

iii Executive Summary Providing high quality and energy efficient lighting in courtrooms is a complex task, and it represents a greater challenge than most other Federal space types.

Courtroom Internet Access Acceptable Use Policy

Courtroom Internet Access Acceptable Use Policy April 2006 Introduction For the convenience of the attorneys, Internet access is available in the courtrooms and attorney lounge.