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Statewide Implementations of the Civil One Trial System

TRANSMITTAL NO. 854 Last Transmittal No. to: Presiding Justices 853 Other Judges 853 Clerk-Magistrates 853 CPOs/POICs — C LERK -M AGISTRATES IN PLYMOUTH , SUFFOLK AND WORCESTER COUNTIES: Please review and implement this memorandum immediately.


RULE 32 CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES Page 1 of 7 Preface Relating to Scope This rule, as amended effective October 4, 1993, shall apply to all new actions filed or proceedings instituted on or after October 4, 1993.


State of Alabama Unified Judicial System Form CS-47 Rev. 7/98 Appendix to Rule 32.1 CHILD SUPPORT INFORMATION SHEET Case Number IN THE _____ COURT OF _____, ALABAMA (Circuit or District) (Name of County) ...

Court Appointed Special Advocate Program

C ourt A ppointed S pecial A dvocate Program Each year, millions of children in the United States are abused, neglected, or abandoned by their families.

Georgia's Court System

veryday our lives are affected by the business that is conducted throughout the judicial branch. The decisions that are made, both at the trial court and appellate levels, impact the citizens of Georgia.

How is the Criminal Justice System Racist

HOW IS THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM RACIST ? How is the Criminal Justice System Racist

The Michigan Court System

Michigan Judicial Institute © 2004 Michigan Courts Ñ Trial courts Ñ Appeal to Michigan Court of Appeals Ñ Appeal to Michigan Supreme Court* *A further appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court (the highest federalcourt) may be taken from the Michigan Supreme Court only if a federal law is involved ...

Defining Drug Courts: THE KEY COMPONENTS

U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 810 Seventh Street NW. Washington, DC 20531 John Ashcroft Attorney General Deborah J. Daniels Assistant Attorney General Domingo S. Herraiz Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance Office of Justice Programs Partnerships for Safer Communities ...


From The Classroom of Roseann Damato Assign a particular Federal or State Court to a group of students. (I use usually pair them). Ask the students to make a poster of the court they have been assigned.


... the NYS Unified CourtSystem Standard Request For Bid Clauses & Forms - Attachment I , ST-220 Contractor Certification Attachment II , Vendor Responsibility ...