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Control of Crabgrass in Home Lawns

AY-10-W IL-IN TW 33 Crabgrass is a common weed that infests home lawns in the Midwest (Figure 1). Crabgrass is an summer annual weed that germinates when soil temperatures are approximately 60º F for 3-5 days at the 1/4" level.


CRABGRASS MG4B.1 APRIL 1998 Page 1 S USTAINABLE A GRICULTURE M ANAGEMENT G UIDES Kansas Rural Center Native to Africa, crabgrass was introduced in 1849 as draft animal feed.

Crabgrass: Friend or Foe? Dr. John Andrae Extension Forage ...

Crabgrass: Friend or Foe? Dr. John Andrae Extension Forage Specialist Department of Crop and Soil Sciences The University of Georgia Georgia Cattleman August 2002 A weed is often defined as a "plant out of place".

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Fact Sheet 2010 : Experiences With 'Quick-N-Big ® ' and 'Red River' Crabgrass Varieties as a Forage

Crabgrass Control

Cornell Cooperative Extension in Suffolk County provides equal program and employment opportunities. Crabgrass Control. Introduction: Crabgrass is a summer annual weed (one that germinates in the spring or summer, flowers, sets seed, and dies during a single growing season).

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Elstel Farm & Seeds "The Crabgrass Seed Folks" R. L. & Pat Dalrymple Office: 2640 Springdale Road Farm: 24275 East 910 Road Ardmore, OK 73401 Thomas, OK 73669 Phones & Faxes: 580-223-8782 ...

Just what is crabgrass?

Just what is crabgrass? Crabgrass ( Digitaria sanguinalis) is one of the most troublesome weeds in yards throughout the United States. Although most gardeners know it as a lawn weed, it is also frequently found in flower and vegetable gardens and in cracks in sidewalks and driveways.

Postemergent Control of Crabgrass in Turfgrasses

Postemergent Control of Crabgrass in Turfgrasses Fred Yelverton, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Extension Specialist North Carolina State University Crabgrasses ( Digitaria spp.) are some of the most problematic weeds for turfgrass managers throughout the United States and many parts of the world.

Cornell Cooperative Extension provides equal program and ...

Crabgrass dies in the autumn with the first killing frost. At that point the brown patches of dead crabgrass plants are obvious in an otherwise green lawn.

Red River Crabgrass Fact Sheet

http://www. lorenzsokseedsllc.com Email: okseeds@okeene. com PLANT FACT SHEET Red River Crabgrass Fact Sheet Crabgrass is believed to have evolved in Africa and made its way to Europe before being introduced to the USA as a contaminant in feed and fodder.