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Du Page Neurosurgery, S.C . 630.858.5400 www.dpns.md 1 Craniotomy Craniotomy Preoperative, Postoperative and Home Recovery Instructions Introduction The purpose of this guide is to provide you and your family with information regarding your medical condition and planned surgery.

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CRANIOTOMY A craniotomy is the most common type of surgery to remove a brain tumor. "Crani"means skull and "otomy"means cutting into. The procedure typically involves shaving a portion of the head, making an incision in the scalp, then using specialized high-speed medical tools to remove a portion of the ...

Craniotomy Post-Brain Tumor Resection

Guide to the Care of the Patient with Craniotomy Post-Brain Tumor Resection AANN Reference Series for Clinical Practice


AVAILABLE CPT CODES BY AREA AND TYPE For Neurological Surgery BRAIN TUMOR (PEDIATRIC) BRAIN TUMOR CPT Code Description 61510 Craniectomy, trephination, bone flap craniotomy; for excision of brain tumor, supratentorial, except meningioma 61512 Craniectomy, trephination, bone flap craniotomy; for ...

After Your Craniotomy

After Your Craniotomy IH-IV-171 W. D. 11/04 Page 1 of 5 On the day you go home from the hospital you will be told when to come back for your clinic visit.

Craniotomy basic level

> 1 Overview Craniotomy is a cut that opens the cranium. During this surgical procedure, a section of the skull, called a bone flap, is removed to access the brain underneath.

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Craniotomy Craniotomy A craniotomy is a surgical opening in the skull to excise a tumor, evacuate a blood clot, relieve intracranial pressure (ICP), or repair an aneurysm.

Anesthesia For Craniotomy

Anesthesia For Craniotomy DavidS. Warner, MD Anesthesia for craniotomy presents special considerations. The brain is enclosed inarigidskulland the majority of craniotomies are performed for the treat-mentofspace occupying lesions.


M E L B O U R N E N E U R O S U R G E R Y 1/2 WHAT IS A CRANIOTOMY ? This is when a piece of bone has been removed from the skull to gain access to the brain. There are lots of different types of procedures that can be done inside the head.