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It was considered RI when there was an increase of creatininemia > 1,5 mg/dl. The predictive factors, clinical features, and mortality of the patients with and without RI were compared.

Curso clínico de la nefropatía membranosa lúpica pura

Los datos consignados fueron: hipertensión arterial, definida como una presión arterial por sobre 140/90 mmHg, creatininemia, depuración de creatinina, hematuria (>5 glóbulos rojos por campo de aumento mayor) y proteinuria.

Severe Thrombocytopenia Associated with Acute Hepatitis E ...

Creatininemia normalized after rehydration and the suspension of all potentially nephrotoxic medications but subsequently increased (267 mol/liter) at day 20 and then

Sindrome di Alport (ATS) nefropatia ereditaria progressiva ...

54 y CRF 88 y death Dialysis since the age of 84 Bilateral neurosensoryhearing loss 67 y Microhematuria proteinuria CRF (creatininemia 1,4 mg%) Bilateral neurosensory hearing loss G1045V w 43-20 y Microhematuria COL4A 3 G1045V w AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT ALPORT SYNDROME PescucciC, etal.


If an increase in creatininemia is observed, serum creatinine should be re-measured after a further 7 days. If no further increase in creatinaemia is observed, this value

Effects of Severe Protein Restriction with Ketoanalogues in ...

~140 2 age! 3 weight creatininemia 3 0.814, with GFR (mL/min), age (years), weight (Kg), plasma creatininemia (mmol/L) This data must be multiplied by 0.85 for women.

Healthcare Professional Information Sheet For MULTAQ

... effect on glomerular fi ltration or renal blood fl ow. • It is recommended to measure plasma creatinine 7 days after treatment initiation and if an increase in creatininemia above the upper limit of normal is observed, to use this value as the new reference baseline. • An increase in creatininemia ...

Albumin Dialysis Concept – A Breakthrough in the Management ...

biliary acids, arterial pressure and the creatininemia. Recently, the results of a prospective randomized multicentre study including 70 patients with grade 3


Laboratory findings were: 164 mg/dL blood urea nitrogen, 4.8 mg/dL blood creatininemia and 3 mL/min creatinine clearance. Agarose gel electrophoresis of both serum and concentrated urine revealed a monoclonal band of λlight chain in the a2 region.

Canine leishmaniasis

... Hyperglobulinemia 70-100 Low albumin/globulin ratio 76 Hypoalbuminemia 68-94 High total serum protein (up to 13 g/l) 63.3-91 Hyporegenerative, normocytic normochronic anemia 21-94.2 Leukopenia (normal or low lymphocyte count) 22 Leukocytosis with left shift 8-24 Thrombocytopenia 29.3-50 Azotemia and creatininemia ...