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The World's Deadliest Creature

1. In which country does this story take place? A United States C Ireland B Argentina D Australia 2. The long, thin strands that extend from a box jellyfish's body are called _____.

deadliestThe Creature

Enormous, dangerous, and almost invisible, the box jellyfish brings terror

Creatures of the Abyss

Unit 5 - The Deep Sea Creatures of the Abyss FOR SEA—Institute of Marine Science ©2000 J. A. Kolb 1159 Creatures of the Abyss Sunlight is the source of energy for the phytoplankton that drift in the great ocean currents and that feed the zooplankton, fish, sharks and great baleen whales that ...

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Creatures of the Deep Sea

Key Words ALVIN - a submersible used to explore the deep sea; home port is Woods Hole, Massachusetts bio luminescence - the emission of light from living organisms submersible - a specially designed submarine for deep sea explorations Deep Sea Creature Picture Cards The Deep Sea Picture Cards provide ...

Part 1 -

NASA JSC Astrobiology: Fingerprints of Life Page 1 Creature Feature 03/02 This lesson is comprised of four parts grouped to enable students to gain appreciation of the importance making accurate scientific observations, descriptions, and ...

The Closet Creature

Name: _____ The Closet Creature by Kelly Hashway Bump! Bump! Scratch! Adam opened his eyes and pulled the covers up to his chin.

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Every Creature Counts ~ 1245 Factory Circle ~ Ft. Lupton, CO ~ 80621 303/546-2704 We who reach to help another creature, hold the heart of humanity in our hands.


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Creature Features

D-24 58 Creature Features G enes determine inherited traits by carrying the information that is passed from parents to offspring. These genes carry information that each cell of an organism needs in order to grow and perform its activities.