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Creepy Creatures, pp. 2-9

T1 Dear Educator: The school year is sailing along and students are immersed in exploring the world around them. Whether it's the route to recess, a new friend, or a favorite new subject, students are discovering things in their world that were unknown to them just a short time ago.

Creature Rescues

Reaching Out Creature Rescues COC Goes On Safari Monkeying Around Testimonies Reaching In ... Dan's Event Schedule Prayer Requests/ Ministry Needs P. 2 P. 3 P. 3 P. 3 P. 3 P. 4 P. 4 P. 4 veryone appreciates a "win-win situation" and that is exactly what has developed between Creatures of ...

Creatures of the Deep Sea

TEACHER BACKGROUND Unit 6 - The Deep Sea TEACHER BACKGROUND - Creatures of the Deep Sea FOR SEA—Institute of Marine Science ©2001 J. A. Kolb 419 Creatures of the Deep Sea Lesson by Laura Erickson, Poulsbo, WA Key Concepts 1.

Laying a Foundation

Dan Breeding, professional animal trainer, Creatures of Creation Albie, Creatures of Creation's very own white-handed gibbon ape. "…God has given you a special ministry and you get through to people more than you might realize.


Creatures remember whether interactions with other creatures were positive or negative, but don't worry - enemies won't stay enemies forever!

Creatures of the Night

Desert Discovery Class Teacher Information © 2000, revised 2008 ASDM To the Teacher: Thank you for making the Creatures of the Night program a part of your curriculum.

Camouflaged Creatures - by Guy Belleranti

Name: _____ Camouflaged Creatures by Guy Belleranti In nature, predators and prey seem to play a game of hideand-seek.

MYTHIC creatures

CONCEPTS key Mythic Creatures Teach Us About Cultures Around the World Stories about mythic creatures embody belief systems, identity, moral codes, impressions of the natural world, and other aspects of humanity.

The Captivity Industry

BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE March/April 2009 25 The Captivity Industry The reality of zoos and aquariums By Lori Marino, Gay Bradshaw and Randy Malamud M illions of people visit zoos, marine parks and aquariums every year.


VETERINARY NUTRITION CONSULT REQUEST FORM TO BE COMPLETED BY VETERINARIAN Please Return to Dr. Meri Stratton-Phelps at: 3407 Millbrook Court Fairfield, CA 94534 This form can be faxed to: 916-244-2665 Date: _____ Veterinarian Name: _____ ...