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CRIPPLED CHILDREN IN OKLAHOMA By Earl D. McBride, M. D.+ When the writer of this article was discharged from the United States Army in January 1919, he came to Oklahoma City with the intention of practicing general surgery.

Services for Crippled Children:

Services for Crippled Children: The Program's Thirteenth Year* "One of the best tests of a civilization," the Federal Security Administrator said recently, "is its concern for its handicapped members, andparticularly for its handicapped children."


A Crippled*Herring ™ is a sight-sound lure programmed to take advantage of the strong, natural predator instinct common to all gamefish. Every movement of any type of distressed baitfish (stunned, struggling or dying) has been engineered into it.

#548 The Crippled Herring

Some people are born fishermen. Pete Rosko is one of them. More than a fisherman, he is a perpetual student of nature. His curiosity of creatures beneath the waters spawned the invention of the Crippled Herring ® lure.

Running Speeds of Crippled Goyotes'

Bruce C. Thompson Delmttment of Fisheries and \Tildlife Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon 97331 Running Speeds of Crippled Goyotes' Abslract Running speeds of one uninjured coyote (Can;r lattant) arJ thtee coyotes crippled by loss of use of one front foot were recorded as the animals ...

Services for

Services for Crippled Children Under the Social Security Act Development of Program, 1936-39 The year 1936 marked the beginning of a new stage in the care of crippled children in the United States.

The Crippled Children's Law

_The Crippled Children's Law (together with a word from you) Will Save the Life of Some Child •----7--.-.I--Was once badly crippled; is now : y ell and strong.

Jesus heals a crippled hand

Jesus heals a crippled hand Matthew 12:9-14 See what it means to be kind to others Understand and do what God wants instead of what others want See people like Jesus did and do not make fun of them if they are disabled Be kind to each other.

y3 w27 - Peter Heals a Crippled Beggar

Main Street Curriculum — © 2009 Hayward Wesleyan Church 5 March 8, 2009 Peter Heals a Crippled Beggar Acts 3:1-26 James 5:15 The prayer offered in faith


15. Number of conditlons among children served, by diagnosric class, 1966 and 1964. 2l 16. Number of dlseases and conditions of the musculoskeletal system among childrenserved,L 966..... 21 17.