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Solutions to Exam One

Solutions to Exam One CS160-401-Operating Systems Drake University-Spring, 2002 Directions: Dove out of the following six problems. You must cross out the problem that you do not wish graded.

Computer Information Systems Programs cis.chemeketa.edu The ...

..... 4 CS160 Introduction to Computer Science ..... 4 CS161 . Computer Science 1 ..... 4 CS162 Computer Science ...


B+ Trees http://babbage.clarku.edu/~achou/cs160/B+Trees/B+Trees.htm 1 of 8 11/1/2005 4:10 AM B+ TREES B Trees . B Trees are multi-way trees. That is each node contains a set of keys and pointers.


OPHTHALMIC SUTURES The Surgeon's Edge. The Surgeon's Edge. 1 Sharpoint Ethicon Alcon BICURVE BGL5 CSB-6 AU-8 1/4 CURVE VGL7 CS90-6 3/8 CIRCLE DGL6 CS140-6 NU-1, CU-1 DGL7 TG140-8 C-3 1/2 CIRCLE HGL5 CS160-6 CU-5 HGL7 CS175-6 CU-2 UltraGlide ® Needles 4.88mm 6.15mm 5.51mm 6.60mm 6.99mm Sharpoint ...


-1-cabmate ® model cs160 parts list item part no. part description qty. item part no. part description qty. 1 1102-0074 spring-air 2 7 1477-1400 7/16 unf hex ctr lock nut (gr b) 4 2 1202-1064 shock absorber 2 8 2909-1000 bracket-mount, aux.

Direct Manipulation

Examples (Bad) : Old Refrigerator Problem: freezer too cold, but fresh food just right freezer fresh food Source: Norman, Don. The Design of Everyday Things. Currency, 1990. James Landay, CS160 UC Berkeley, Mental Models Lecture.


... tg6-c ccs ccs-1 sternum lr 3/8 circle m-2 c-2 c-3 fs-3 fs-2 fs-1 fs fsl fslx ls-1 kp-3 ls 1/2 circle m-1 j-1 x-1 x-4 x-8 os-2 os-4 os-6 os-8 cp-2 cp-1 cp cpx ce conventional cutting cps-3 cfs 3/8 circle sc-1 straight ks ts ks-1 bn ks-3 compound curve cs-c-6 cs-c-4 ultima* spatula 1/4 circle cs100-8 3/8 circle cs140-6 cs140-8 1/2 circle cs160-4 cs160 ...

George Washington University Department of Computer Science

George Washington University Department of Computer Science CS160-10 Theory of Computer Translators Spring 2009 Final Exam (take-home) Given: 05/03/2009 Due date: 05/05/2009 Emailtohchoi@gwu.eduby 11:59PM, 05/05/2009.

Standard Style/Replacement Parts (Seal kits)

... P36 P40 P45 P50A P60 P70 26 Piston seal P115 P130 P150 P165 P185 P235 P285 27 Valve seal P7 P7 P7 P7 P7 P7 P7 28 Tube gasket C120 C135 C155 C175 C195 CS160-1618-G4 CS160-1618-G5 30 Holder gasket G55 G55 G55 G65 G65 G80 G90 Standard ...


... MATH160 Calculus for Physical Scientists I 4 CO150 College Composition 3 Univ. Core (Historical Perspectives) 3 14 Sophomore Year ECE251 Introduction to Microprocessors 4 MATH261 Calculus for Physical Scientists III 4 PH142 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II 5 Science/Math/Engineering Elective* 3 16 CS160 ...