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Australians’ views of climate change - Zoe Leviston, Anne ...

The CSIRO Science into Society study grouped together the options of emissionan s trading scheme and carbon tax and compared them to other policy options.

Proposed CSIRO Entomology Bioscience Laboratory at Black ...

Extract from the Votes and Proceedings of the House of Representatives No. 28 dated Wednesday, 11 May 2005 24 PUBLIC WORKS—PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE— REFERENCE OF WORK—CSIRO ENTOMOLOGY BIOSCIENCE LABORATORY AT BLACK MOUNTAIN, CANBERRA, ACT Dr Stone (Parliamentary Secretary to the ...

Final Report to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority

CSIRO (2011) assessed the ability of the Guide scenarios as modelled to meet MDBA and SA Government environmental objectives for the River Murray in South Australia.

Getting Started with ePublish - Last Updated: 12 August 2010

1 Getting Started with ePublish Jessica Chapman, CSIRO Last Updated: 12 August 2010 These notes are written to help CASS staff use the new CSIRO ePublish system.

Farming by Satellite

Farming by Satellite Satellite imaging can now provide farmers with information about the condition of their pastures over the Internet. CSIRO Livestock Industries has developed technology that uses satellite images to measure the amount of feed on offer in pastures and how fast it grows.

9649 CSIRO Annual Report for cd

Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies 2643 Moggill Road, Pinjarra Hills, Brisbane PO Box 883 Kenmore, Queensland Australia 4069 Telephone: +61 7 3212 4444 Facsimile: +61 7 3212 4455 URL: www.cat.csiro.au Dr John Read Executive Manager - QCAT CSIRO Exploration and Mining Deputy Chief ...

Australia Telescope National Facility

1 CSIRO Policy Circular No: 97/05 4 December 1997 HEALTH AND SAFETY INDUCTION PROGRAM This policy provides basic guidelines for a health and safety induction program in CSIRO.


MEMORANDUM To: 802.11 Working Group From: Paul Nikolich, Chairman IEEE 802 LMSC Date: July 19, 2007 Re: CSIRO Patent As per the March 2007 802.11 plenary session minutes, members of the 802.11 Working Group have been made aware of a "possible patent overlay" from CSIRO ( "CSIRO Patent," U.S ...

FungiBank Section 2

SECTION 7: "ADDITIONAL RESOURCES " FungiBank Reference Material FungiBank Section 2. F UNGI B ANK : S ECTION 7: "A DDITIONAL R ESOURCES " www. fungibank.csiro.au S ECTION 7: "A DDITIONAL R ESOURCES " FungiBank Reference Material 1.

CSIRO biomedical job opportunities

Biomedical engineering opportunities at CSIRO Dr. Phil Gurney, CEO, Australian eHealth Research Centre CSIRO biomedical job opportunities