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Agriculture and Natural Resources

Environment Light - sunny Soil - well-drained Fertility - rich pH - 5.5 to 7.0 Temperature - hot Moisture - keep moist Culture Planting - after danger of frost Spacing - 12-18 x 48-72 inches Hardiness - very tender annual Fertilizer - heavy feeder Cucumbers - Cucumis sativus Cucumbers are gourd ...


Bitterness In Cucumbers 1 Each year, some home gardeners experience bitterness in cucumbers which they have grown for fresh use or pickling.

Cucumbers in the Garden

Reviewed June 2010 Cucumbers in the Garden Dan Drost and Rick Hefelbower , Vegetable Specialists Summary Cucumbers prefer a sunny location and fertile, well drained soils.

What Are Burpless Cucumbers?

317 April-June 2000 10(2) What Are Burpless Cucumbers? Todd C. Wehner A DDITIONAL INDEX WORDS . Cucumis sativus , bitterfree, nonbitter, fruit quality, taste evaluation, vegetable breeding S UMMARY .

The Benefits of Insecticide Use: Cucumbers

The Benefits of Insecticide Use: Cucumbers March 2009 Leonard Gianessi Spraying Cucumbers Pickleworm Moth Damage Pickleworm Moth Bacteria Transmitted by Cucumber Beetle Crop Protection Research Institute CropLife Foundation 1156 15th Street, NW #400 Washington, DC 20005 Phone 202-296-1585 www ...

Easy Gardening

When planting cucumbers, drop three or four seeds ingroup severy 12 to 14 inches in the row. Figure 4. In as mall garden, cucumbers can be trained along a wire attached to a wall.

Market Outlook

Cucumbers picked by hand should be harvested every other day for best yields and quality. Cooling soon after harvest helps maintain quality and extend shelf life.

Cucumbers: An Economic Assessment of the Feasibility of ...

Cucumbers: An Economic Assessment of the Feasibility of Providing Multiple-Peril Crop Insurance Prepared by the Economic Research Service, USDA for the Office of Risk Management, Consolidated Farm Service Agency October 3, 1995 Susan Pollack, Coordinator (202) 219-0505

Cucumber Production in California

Materials for Rigid Tunnel Row Covers for Cucumbers The following materials and equipment are needed to build rigid, two-sided row covers or tunnels: ...

Crop Profile for Cucumbers in New Jersey

Crop Profile for Cucumbers in New Jersey Prepared: May 2007 General Production Information Production Facts Cucumbers (slicers and pickles) are grown for wholesale and retail markets.