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Food Standards Agency Meeting on 'may contain' allergen labelling

1 Food Standards Agency Meeting on 'may contain' allergen labelling 1pm Wednesday 4 August 2004 Aviation House [Ground Floor Conference Room] 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH Present: Michael Hunt (Food and Drink Federation) Valerie Saint (Unilever) Richard Wood (BRC) Dorothy Cullinane (Independent ...

Maple School Newsletter

If you would like to send a contribution to the school in Kevin's memory, the address is: Gonzaga College High School Development Office * 19th & E Street, NW * Washington, DC 20001 (Dancer News, continued) Cards of sympathy may be sent to: Mrs. Leta Cullinane & Family * 10508 Woodleigh Court * Beltsville ...


This Policy Statement is issued to all employees on a controlled basis and a copy shall be kept on each site where CTS Group is present. Niall Cullinane Managing Director


CALNAN-CULLINANE REUNION TIME!!! Are You Coming to Celebrate? August 5-11 th Anaconda, Montana YES! We Are Coming! REGISTRATION INFO - DUE JULY 8 TH!!

Patrick Cullinane Patrick’s life

Patrick Cullinane Patrick’s life was ruined by the Inland Revenue who bankrupted him. The Guardian wrote This man was right all along it in 2003, which gave rise to interesting letters.


Cullinane, K.P.B. and Khanna, M. (2000) Economies of Scale in Large Containerships: Optimal Size and Geographical Implications, Journal of Transport Geography , 8, 181-195.

Productivity Drivers in Japanese Seaports

Introduction Efficiency is a main concern in contemporary port economics, on grounds of port's strategic position in connecting different countries in a globalised world, as well as connecting different locations inside the country (Cullinane et al ., 2002).

June Conference Summary Ask SOCE Experts The President’s Letter

Dorjahn, Executive Vice President, and Richard James , Treasurer, at the SOCE table Everett Pattern & Manufacturing Exhibit Exhibitor Rachel Happe , Product Marketing, explaining IDe web-based tools, including resource management, to Speaker Joan Cullinane

I. Centers

Counseling References 4 Park Community Church Updated 05-09-07 III. III. III. III. Psychiatrist Psychiatrist Psychiatrist s s s Dr. David McNeil (Christian) Dr. David McNeil (Christian) Dr. David McNeil (Christian) Dr. David McNeil (Christian) Call Cornerstone Counseling for information: 312.573.8860 Dr. Tim Cullinane ...

MONE Research Committee

Practice Implications É Identification and parental education prior to admission É Consistent communication and documentation É Criteria for transfer to other units É Improved collaboration among healthcare providers É Improved treatment protocol Contact : Judi Cullinane, BSN, RN, CCRN South Shore ...