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Curling: Version 1.0 WCF and CCA get hip with new digital promo

by George Karrys IN A STUNNING DEVELOPMENT that could make an enormous impact on the age-old conundrums of novice curling promotion and retention, the World Curling Federation and the Canadian Curling Association have co-created a major promotional tool, a mini CD-ROM.

Why do Rhododendron Leaves Curl?

If leaf curling were dependent upon desiccation, the presence of snow on the leaf should have no impact on the response of the leaf to the lack of water moving up from the root zone.

Curling in Canada

1 Curling in Canada 1 Stephen G. Wieting and Danny Lamoureux North American fans of sport long have recognized the prominence of Canadians in ice hockey.


Rules of Curling for Officiated Play 3 To ensure that all curlers are aware of their responsibilities when playing the game, the Canadian Curling Association has adopted the following Code of Ethics as an official supplement to the Rules of Curling: Curlers' Code of Ethics I will play the game ...

CurlTech: Advanced Strategy

The "Spirit of Curling" dictates, to some degree the guidelines of good sportsmanship when it comes to positioning. Skips should first encourage their teammates to position as prescribed by the rules.

VOL. 53, Issue 5 - Dear Fellow UCC Members, I hope the New ...

CURLING! Making some New Year’s resolutions? Keep your curling club in your thoughts. As we move into the second half of this season, we’ll need

Scottish Curling-Ice Group

Scottish Curling-Ice Group WATER IN A CURLING RINK Water is the only material on earth commonly found as gas, liquid and solid. In a curling rink it is found as a gas in the air, as a liquid in fog or condensation and during flooding and pebbling, and as a solid in ice.

INVITATION 12th Annual 2011 Westcoast Curling Classic

INVITATION 12th Annual 2011 Westcoast Curling Classic Westcoast Curling Classic, 11928 Glenhurst St Maple Ridge BC V2X6V6 Website: www.westcoastcurlingclassic.com It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the: 2011 Westcoast Curling Classic October 7-10, 2011 at the Royal City Curling ...

What is Curling?

What is Curling? Curling is a team game, where all four team members' efforts contribute directly to each shot. Teams can be composed of both sexes and all ages, and like golf, curling is a lifetime sport.

Scottish Curling-Ice Group

Scottish Curling-Ice Group ESSENTIALS OF CURLING ICE Overview Experienced curling-ice technicians have refined their knowledge over many years and will usually