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User Manual (Implementation Guide)

Message : CUSCAR Version : 1.0 / D95B Source : Maersk Line 1 For internal use only User Manual (Implementation Guide) UN/EDIFACT MESSAGE CUSCAR This message permits the transfer of data from a carrier to a Customs administration for the purpose of meeting Customs cargo reporting requirements.

EDI Message Implementation Guidelines

Element Code and Name Format Value Meaning Usage 0062 MESSAGE REFERENCE NUMBER M an..14 an..14 Transaction Number R S009 MESSAGE IDENTIFIER M R 0065 Message type identifier M an..6 CUSCAR Customs Cargo Report R 0052 Message type version number M an..3 D Directory Version R 0054 Message type release number M an..3 ...

Customer care

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... É Duty Payment Instructions & Debit/Credit Notes É Import and Export Permits applications and OGA Approvals to Customs (including permit utilization report from Customs to OGAs) É Vessel Conveyance Information including the ETA/ATA of vessel arrival/departure (CUSREP) É Manifest/Cargo Report (CUSCAR) ...

Code list 8155 Standard: UN D.96B S3

Code list 8155 Standard: UN D.96B S3 Printed by GEFEG EDIFIX® Print date: 05/09/2001 Page: 1 8155 Equipment size and type identification Coded description of the size and type of equipment e.g. unit load device.

Code list 6411 Standard: UN D.96B S3

Code list 6411 Standard: UN D.96B S3 Printed by GEFEG EDIFIX® Print date: 05/09/2001 Page: 9 A10 ampere square metre per joule second A11 (ngstr(m A12 astronomical unit A13 attojoule A14 barn A15 barn per electron volt A16 barn per steradian electron volt, A17 barn per sterdian A18 becquerel ...

Digital Ship Conference

CUSCAR: Customs cargo report • CUSDEC - Customs declaration message • EDIFACT messages • CUSRES: Customs response message • DMSTAT: Data maintenance status report /

New Zealand Customs EDI Guide for Software Developers

CUSCAR 98A -Customs Cargo Report, also known as Electronic Cargo Information (ECI) CUSCAR 03A -Customs Outward Report CUSRES - Customs Response

Maritime Industry EDI Requirements

* Flight Arrival AIRLINE / AIRLINE AGENT CU SCAR * Rail Cargo Manifests CUSCAR & COSTCO * Pre-arrival manifest * Final Manifest INVOIC * Refunds & Drawbacks PROD AT * Tariff Updates GESM ES * Rates of Exchange GOVERNMENT AGENCIES SA RESERVE BANK CUSDEC *Export Data CUSDEC *Import Data CUSR ES Customs Cargo Status (Release ...


CUSREP Cuscar K4 Cuscar K5 Cuscar K6 IFTDGN K1 K2 K9 K3 K8 ZB1 ZB2 ZB3 ZB4 K4PAM K6DMP CEPT GSP AICO TEXILE ACFTA MJEPA AKFTA MPCEPA Others: Paddy and Rice Industry Division