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ASTM D3306 ASTM D4985 ASTM D6210

ASTM D3306 ASTM D4985 ASTM D6210 Trade, OEM & Industry specifications: • GM 6277M • BMW • Mercedes Blatt 325.0 & 325.2 • Audi • Saab 6901 599 • Volvo 014 GS 17009 • Ford ESE M97B44-A • Ford WSE M97B44-B • Ford WSS M97B44-D • Chrysler MS9769 • MTU MTL5048, MTL 5049 • Mazda ...

Caterpillar Commercial

i01658146 Important Safety Information Most accidents that involve product operation, maintenance and repair are caused by failure to observe basic safety rules or precautions.

TMC of ATA RP 329  ASTM D6210 

HEAVY Y FULLY FORMULATED DIESEL AND GASOLINE TMC of ATA RP 329 ASTM D6210 ON ROAD OFF D STATIONARY Multi­Metal Protection: Freeze Protection: Antifoam: Designed r ll rs and trucks 50% 34ºF, 70% to ­84ºF Prevents pump cavitation Virgin ylene Glycol Boil over protection: 50% 65ºF ...

Coolant Products COOLANT

Estimates project up to 40% of total engine repair costs are related to problems that originate in the cooling system. Repairs are costly and create unnecessary downtime that affects


Formulated to meet the following specifications: ASTM D3306 TMC of ATA RP302A ASTM D4985 TMC of ATA RP329/330 ASTM D6210 *Please see below for further specifications KOOL GREEN HEAVY DUTY EXTENDED LIFE is an ethylene glycol based fully formulated, pre-charged antifreeze/coolant.


P RODUCT A PPLICATION Chevron Heavy Duty Coolant/Antifreeze Phosphate Free meets the heavy-duty engine coolant specifications of TMC RP329 and ASTM D6210.

Compatibility of Fleetguard Coolants and SCAs with Competitor ...

All coolants formulated to meet ASTM D6210-03 and TMC RP329 (North America) are compatible with Fleetguard coolant products. Fleetguard DCA2 coolant additive is an SCA composed of nitrite, borate, and silicate.


Applicable Specifications:  Exceeds the requirements of ASTM D6210 and the corrosion limits in ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, SAE/J1034, SAE/J1941,  Exceeds the requirements of Federal Specification OA548D;  Satisfies both Host Surface Aluminum protection requirements of ASTM test D4340 and Cummins ...

Fujitsu Touch Panel (Serial) Device driver setting manual

General This manual explains how to make setting of touch panel driver. Please refer readme.txt of each driver set for installation.


FIXED PARTIAL DENTURE PONTICS D6210 Pontic; cast high noble metal (TOOTH) D6211 cast predominately base metal (TOOTH) D6212 cast noble metal (TOOTH) D6240 porcelain fused to high noble metal (TOOTH) D6241 porcelain fused to predominately base metal ( TOOTH) D6242 porcelain fused to noble metal (TOOTH) D6250 ...