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QuickStart: Deploying DataSynapse GridServer 5.0 on HP Clusters

2 1 Overview This paper describes the installation and basic verification of DataSynapse GridServer 5.0 [1]. It does not describe how to manage or use grids managed by DataSynapse GridServer 5.0.

GridServer Developer's Guide

Log Overview The DataSynapse logger is used to provide diagnostics messages to the console and to file. This section covers how to access these logs, and how to interface with the loggers.

GridServer PDriver Tutorial

DataSynapse, Inc. 632 Broadway, 5th Floor; New York, NY 10012 Tel: 212.842.8842 Fax: 212.842.8843 Email: info@datasynapse.com Web: www.datasynapse. com For technical support issues and product updates, please visit customer.datasynapse.com .

A CICS to Linux Grid Implementation

Figure 3 DataSynapse LiveCluster architecture chart We mapped our POC architecture (shown in Figure2 on page3) to these three cluster components: The Driver is the client code running inside CICS on z/OS.

Server Platform Cost of Ownership

WHITE PAPER Key Assumptions Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 Linux-based HPC Stack (Platform LSF + Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Linux-based HPC Stack (DataSynapse GridServer+ Red Hat Enterprise Linux) OS Management Software System Center Operations Manager ($1,321) System Center Operations Manager Enterprise ML ($432/HPC ...

Server Platform Cost of Ownership

Based on an HPC deployment scenario of 250 compute nodes and 1,000 desktop nodes, Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 proves to be significantly less expensive than popular Linux-based HPC stacks running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux: 32% less than Platform LSF and 51% less than DataSynapse GridServer (Figure 1).

Deploying a Grid Solution with IBM InfoSphere Information Server

The following resource managers are supported:-IBM LoadLeveler®-SGE-Platform LSF-PBSpro/Torque/OpenPBS-Condor-DataSynapse GridServer Note: For a brief explanation of terms used in Figure 1, refer to 1.3.3, "Grid definitions" on page9.

Building Better Solutions for Global Risk Management ...

In order to achieve this, areal-time, cost effective, high performance system that meets today'ssophisticated organizational needs must be available. …runyourglobal risk applications faster, better, cheaper with this complete Reuters/Hp/DataSynapse Solution.

Executive Summary

DataSynapse has regional HQ in New York City, London and Tokyo and can be found on the World Wide Web at www.datasynapse.com. About Us About Us Real-Time Infrastructure is published by DataSynapse.


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